Sunday ☀

Congratulations! :tada:

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Stockholm sounds very much like Ireland at this time of year so I sympathise with you there BITT.

96% humidity

I have practically got in the sea

Congrats mr and mrs Scorpio! :heart_eyes::tada:

I will probs go back to bed as I’m up way too early! It’s my friend’s birthday and she’s tapping at tap jam, so will go there later.

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Feeling a bit low about politics today. New Zealand general election, the Tories got in for a fourth straight term. Green vote massively down in spite of all my door-knocking. Labour couldn’t harness the star power of their new leader. A pox on the smug homeowners, I say. Spent Saturday afternoon working as a scrutineer which was basically dull as fuck.

Please hug me and tell me the Tories will be gone one day. Thanks.


Tap? Jam?

Parents’ dog decided to wake me up by attacking me.


Got friends staying over. One is about to take an exam to be a yoga instructor so we’re all about to take her ‘restorative’ yoga class in our living room…

Congratulations! :baby:



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I was meant to do some gym classes but I’ve woken up with an inflamed throat (possible tonsillitis argh!) and I’m completely exhausted. Don’t even feel like I can get up to get breakfast.

May walk to the Chinese supermarket to get stuff to make kimchi but that is it for my day

Morning guys. Working nightshifts for the next 3 nights. Gonna laze around and do a bit of tidying, watch some cycling and eat some food before working 13hrs tonight. Yay!

TV made some absolutely banging ramen last night. Just want to eat that again

Good work virgins! :heart:


Decided to go to spoons pre-gym

Saw Meridian Brothers last night
proper good, most I’ve seen a gig audience dancing I think
just gonna look for some nice trousers today

pretty much gonna be living here for the next month


Morning all. Was meant to get up at 5am for a six hour drive back home but I’m still in bed so looks like I’ll be doing it this evening instead. Going to download some podcasts and buy some nice m&s food for the journey.

Back in your cave, eric!!


Having a walk in Todmorden. Going to check out the Bride Stones

Then home and a roast dinner. Textbook Sunday.

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