Sunday ☀

I am quite a sweet things on toast man and I think it’s brilliant. Similar texture to peanut butter but thankfully doesn’t taste of peanuts.




love this stuff


One of our friends did a great fart in our restorative yoga :+1:


Neither my housemate nor I are working tomorrow, so we’re going to go for Sunday lunch followed by a few pints. :+1:

think it’s haircut day today

might stay in bed all day actually
some beautiful shadows happening on my ceiling :+1:


Just saw Hugh Laurie at the airport. Everyone else’s Sunday can suck it.

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I’ve a trapped nerve in my shoulder.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Oh god this happens to me roughly every 6 months. Felt physically sick last time it happened. Get some ibuprofen down ya!

Had the date cancelled on me, dread postponed.

Ah god, how horrible for you!! It is grim. :disappointed_relieved: I will definitely do all the drugs, the thought didn’t even cross my mind!!

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I like that cheeky wee plant of yours! What is it?

Farmers market on by the station today. Bought this massive loaf if French sourdough. It’s about twice the size of my face.

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Spider plant, spider plant.
Something something purple fronds.

aww, it’s smiling! :slight_smile:

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That looks like one of those pictures of weird looking deep sea creatures.

Sure it’ll taste lovely though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Proper lounge about day. Got Firewatch downloaded so might blast through that. Had a vicious hot curry last night, and my guts thank me.

Me too!! Very snazzy

Ibuprofen helps with the swelling around the trapped nerve

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