Anglos a all. What up? I’m in Manchester. Went to see L7 last night…
Gonna go to beef and pudding for breakfast then head back to Leeds and spend the rest of the day on the sofa.
Hope you all have a good day.

Sunday Thread

Hi I’m in Berlin, off to see Radiohead today


Hi,. Had some lorne this morning and just fitting ready to head to touchatruck in town


Pro tip: try the beer. Ha ha, not so much a pro-tip but stating the obvious.

I was in Berlin in April and every single beer was amazing. Just wandering into an bar and asking for a ‘Beer’ and knowing whatever it was would taste amazing, was heavenly. Whereas here a request for a pint gets you the default Tennents (Which has its place). Oh and none of it tasted like flowers - like a lot of your try-hard craft beer over here.

Anyway, now I am gasping for a beer. Oh and maybe a currywurst.


someone please cheer me up


The most DiS post ever?


Morning all!

I have to go to a dedication ceremony today.


One more week till I move back south. Was meant to be doing freelance for my now former employer but the lack of response to my emails and news of further office degradation means I’m happily sat on my botty playing fable.


there’s quite a few DiSsers here, so yeah probably


haha, this post is so nice :slight_smile:


My brothers gone to see Radiohead in Berlin today. The indie prick.

I’m watching tournament Warhammer on facebook. I’ve played all 8 that have featured so far :confused: (no wins from memory). I’m debating whether to leave the house, which I managed not to do yesterday.


hi zookee and etc

EDIT: this wasn’t supposed to be a reply to s_a_d! Oh god, i’ve done a marilyninthesky



That is not a problem cowcow.

We are all learning this new system.

Have a nice Sunday.



  • was ill last night and missed Billy Joel
  • my wife still went and came back beaming, which is a consolation
  • I got my new guitar wired up with bitchin pickups and it is as fast as shit
  • My new amp head has yet to arrive so I can’t shred on it properly yet :’(
  • Today is going to be mainly coffee and danish kinda slow day, then one of our best pals coming to stay for the evening.
  • always more work :frowning:
  • gonna do some boxing tomorrow
  • poor CM Punk


I did it again in another thread JUST NOW. :cry:

May you have a splendid sunday yourself!


Woah! Discourse turned my pluses and minuses into bullet points!



gonna be boiling out today isnt it? good job im not going to be lugging camera gear around for about 12 hours. when is winter 1 coming?

sat in betty’s right now.


God I want to go to Berlin so much. I think I want to live there a bit as well but my German isnt up to it and I’d have to find a job and stuff, fuck that


How were L7? Still remember first hearing Shove on a Sub Pop compilation and it absolutely blowing me away. Didn’t realise they were still playing.

I’m getting 5 trains on a 12 hour journey to Holland from Southampton today. Gonna be p bored and probably spamming DiS as a result. Will be interesting to see if I get profiled on the way too. Will my indie Cat Flag shirt (spoof of black flag logo with cats instead of the bars) make me look more like a hipster and less like a suspicious lone brown dude