Quiet weekend here, no? What exciting things are you all up to? Might go see my nan later and that is the extent of my plans, riveting!


Morning FL

I’m working until 6pm. Expecting another busy day today. All I want to do is sit in the pub all day. Grrrr. Have a good Sunday guys, I’m very envious


Morning! Getting the last session of the Ashes in. Folks are down at the mo, going cheese plant shopping later and then until Tooting for dosas before me and the tv cook a surprise Christmas dinner :+1:




£4 (sorry, 4) for mashed potatoes? FO, M


Off to see the parents. Reckon I’ll be in bed for another hour yet though


Eek, hopefully it is inexplicably quiet and not too stressful, or at least not too wild :grimacing:


Good luck with the surprise dinner!

I don’t think I have ever seen a cheese plant, not knowingly at least.


Morning @Flashinglight @rich-t @Jeremys_Iron and @jordan_229 (typing)

Not a huge amount planned today. Woke up with a coughing fit at about 5 this morning and took ages to get back to sleep. Weather is a bit damp, would probably be quite nice for a walk in the woods


Morning flashing light. I just had some toast and now I keep getting killed on the wolfenstein demo.




Morning all,

Feel ill so had a bit of lie in (been getting up at 7 recently)

Revising, gonna go the coffee shop for an hour or so because the library doesn’t open until 12.

Probably go the Seinfeld themed Vegan cafe for lunch.

Got The Cribs tonight wooo, first time at King Tut’s


Just doing the washing. I think if these as my daughter’s @whiterussian knickers

Melbourne’s insane rain seems to have gone away at least.


Heading home after a weekend in the Lakes. There’s a badger sett in the garden of the hotel were staying in!


Just did a bit of secret Santa stalking, found some good gifts but couldn’t find anywhere still selling them, the Internet is cruel sometimes.


Morning all.

I’ve got a head cold. There have been two possible culprits for this in the office this week. Not happy.

Need to go out and get some lemsip / drugs, a b’day card for my brother and some double sided tape. If any of those things require going further than West Didsbury co-op, then they ain’t happening.


morning DiS

don’t feel too rough thankfully. already up and about. :coffee: & :egg: & :bread:



At work until 7, having a Chinese for tea tonight.

Woke up with a bit of the ol’ sleep paralysis at about 02.45 this morning. Never had it before and it was probably only for about 30 seconds, but it was fucking terrifying. Couldn’t move, couldn’t make any noise, just completely frozen. Not nice.


Morning all!

Quite wanted eggs and muffins for breakfast but had to make do with pancakes and banana. Life is struggle.

I’ve got work to do for tomorrow and groceries to buy. Hopefully eating italuan beef sandwiches; possibly constructing a Xmas tree.


Ugh, I used to get that quite regularly when I was younger. It’s horrible!