Who are they all for? Did you sort your advent calendar in the end?

Just descaled the shower head before showering.

Now considering making my permanent address the shower. Should have done that months ago.



One of those days when the Sun doesn’t rise at all.

Bahaha it is my advent calendar!! I gave up on the other idea and just wrapped them. I figured if I didn’t do it now it would be mid December before he got it!!! :smiley:


I love my ikea wrapping paper :heart:

I wish they made wallpaper like the blue one!!


That papers amazing! I might get some and use it to decorate some of their white photo frames.

What gifts did you get in the end?

This was the response to mine, never doing anything nice for anyone again!


Ikea do brilliant wrappimg paper, I have some great rolls with bears and another with birds. Are those ones you have got recently, or are they a bit older? The blue one is excellent.

Fucking hell

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Took me a minute to work out the slr was not a new DiS acronym for your partner.


Haha!! Aaahh jeeeeez!! Well I thought it was fantastic laelfy!! im sure they were delighted. People are sometimes a bit rubbish via text aren’t they?

I know you’ll be really upset and stuff, but as an outsider, that response is quite funny.

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Oh and I got him beer, coffee, A LOT OF MARZIPAN, marshmallows… ummm… and just bits and bobs. It’s all food and drink. He looked a bit scared when I came through with this massive box! Haha!! I think he feels bad because we don’t generally do presents but I explained it’s all stuff we’d normally buy each other anyway, I’ve just wrapped it up!! And I will be eating/drinking half of it too :smiley:

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My family are known for concise text messaging, but was maybe expecting a little more than that :woman_shrugging:


This looks like a message from my sister. I’ll ask her a series of questions and she’ll just respond with ‘yes’. NONE OF THE QUESTIONS WERE YES/NO QUESTIONS. So infuriating.

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By the way, I got the wrapping paper ages ago so I’m not sure they’ll have the same ones!! They might have some that are even better tho!!

They’ve got a few Christmas ones now.

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I am completely wiped out this weekend!
I haven’t even fucking done anything but so exhausted
Might try to nap

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Such enthusiasm :joy:

Dear suffering fuck, I’m still on the couch. Can barely stand up.

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I’ve barely left my bed.