Going to get a hotel breakfast in a minute, then start playing Eye of the Tiger on a loop ahead of my penoid tournament this morning. After that I’ll try to get home to Cambridge despite the trains likely being fucked by snow, which will be nice.

What about you?

Cant sleep coz my evil cough has come back :[ was gonna go out for a nice long walk today but guess i’ll just stay home under some blankets ffffuuuu.

Go get 'em Eps!

I am sick. I would like to spend the day in bed, unfortunately this won’t happen. Case in point: I am already out of bed.

Spending the morning and lunch with my dad and his New Friend™. Am going to be giving off “please go home now” vibes from the moment the plates are cleared away; am praying that they aren’t snowed in and forced to stay another night (alright, Brian Harvey)

The cats starting to wise up about the trick of wrapping up his pills, but he did take them with encouragement.

Not a lot planned today, I might go and do some Christmas shoppIng.

You have my sympathies: I’ve had an evil cough for about 9 days now and it’s only just fading.

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I am still in bed. Might try to start work on a Xmas song for the DiSmas song challenge later.


Snowing pretty heavily pals.

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First proper snow since we moved in here

Would like to still be in bed, but cough is stopping me from getting comfortable, so I’m lying on the sofa in the dark instead. Today is a housework day (boo!) So I have nothing interesting to share.

Good luck with the penoiding @Epimer


Dunno exactly where you are in that London JB, but if I have snow and Epimer does, you probably do too!


Somebody with absolutely no shame just let rip an enormous fart in the breakfast buffet. Right next to the toaster. Unbelievable.

No, it wasn’t me.


Morning morning

In bed with a cup of tea which I’m frightfully happy about

Had quite the shock when I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on with all that snow. Woah

I like your garden and your shed/summer house thing.


Welcome to Bromley.

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Place looks like this!

Almost dropped my monocle.


Cheers, so do I! Hope I built the roof well though!

@jazzballet - I’m in the north and I can see on my FB that people in Watford have snow too so seems it’s hit everywhere.


Top hat is secure though?

It is secured upstairs in my room.


Morning all. No snow here but it’s -7oC outside. Still in bed because my parents haven’t got up yet and I don’t think I’ve ever got up before them. Plans for today = walk along the coast if the weathers nice and try to see my nephews or possibly just stay in and watch football with my dad.

I know, looking at the forecast I might just stay in bed

Your date sounds very successful - was it a first date?