Oh good, the snow has turned to rain. That’s going to make my walk down the hill pretty, pretty pleasant.

I’d have gone for “alright Tom Waits”, personally.

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Ooh looks like it’ll be a barmy -2C at 3pm!

Morning folks,
Went to the pub last night because I felt emotionally empty at the thought of staying in the library again. The night then ended with my laptop breaking and me spilling beer on my mates laptop (who leaves beer beside their laptop fgs). So I’ve managed to give myself more stuff to stress about


I think staying in with plenty of hot drinks is the way forward. Might go for a walk in the park maybe - something really nice about going for a walk in the snow.

Mom and dad are meant to be flying from Birmingham in about an hour’s time, but the runway has been closed all morning and their plane has had to divert to Gatwick. Serves them right for jetting off to the Caribbean while we freeze.

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Football is ON

Really, really don’t want to go outside

Making some pancakes. Experimenting with putting a bit of margarine in the batter to see if it improves the texture.

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The jiujitsu competition I was set to take part in just got cancelled. Guess I’m staying home today :expressionless:

Morning. Small amount of snow in bracknell. I have to go outside this afternoon to collect a pair of boots i took to be resoled.

I didn’t take my work laptop home with me on friday (we’re supposed to if there’s the slightest chance of bad weather) so I’ll be extremely pissed off if the snow gets worse tomorrow and i have to walk to work

Tiny bit of snow: me. Crap weather forecast meant all our bike rides were cancelled. Yesterday we spend the entire day sanding our walls and all the doors and the dado rail in the hall ready for painting, so we’ll get on with that today I guess.

morning all

we had snow down here in SW London, but as it’s now raining that’s kind of ruined it, bit left on top of the cars and that’s it, just left with a slushy icy looking mess. was planning on maybe walking into town later but… nah, cba. a day of games/football/pizza it is.

Hiya. Off to a Christmas brunch later. Might have hot chocolate for breakfast.

Dunno if there’s snow here yet but it’s probably already melted. Went to the TV’s parents’ house yesterday and their small town in the snowy hills looked bloody lovely.


Obviously had some beers with a co-worker after we finished our shifts at midnight. Still managed to get really drunk just in those three remaining hours (didn’t really have dinner so there you go).

Wasn’t in bed until about half four, but got up an hour ago to see off my sister who found out a few days ago she’s landed a job in Lisbon which starts tomorrow. Mental. Been nice living with her for the past 9 months or so, but pretty nice to have the place to myself again as well tbh.

Needless to say I’m going back to sleep in a minute.

morn DiS

there’s no snow in the 'gow and I feel like total jobby

will need to go outside to get food but nyyggggghhhh

Omg your garden is amazing! I want it!

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Going out for a snow walk, hooray!

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It sucked the life out of me at the beginning of the year, but yeah, really happy with how it turned out. There’s a gardening thread with a few in progress pics somewhere on here.

Pics pls :slight_smile:


Watching band of brothers and having a coffee - will make a cooked brekkie soon as I have stuff left over from the sleepover breakfast

No snow in Brighton, just wind and rain. Might go out on my bike later if it clears up a bit. Probably won’t

Could have a go at writing an Xmas tune for DISmas anything I do would be super lo fi though as I have no recording stuff anymore