Morning all

Had a good night out last night in Leeds watching the excellent Barr Brothers. Sadly the kids were then unsettled all night so everyone is tired and grumpy now. Think we’re off to ikea today which isn’t going to help things.

How are you? What do you have planned?

Morning jont. I admire your bravery heading to IKEA with the family. Im watching black mirror arkangel episode and digging it’s parents fear vibe. Going to the gym this morning for bootcamp. Then collecting a cot. Finally getting an implant put into my babies head…

Blimey. Prepare yourself for tears. Mainly from you…

Got the family round for V’s birthday got to do a bit of morning cooking and then it’s eating and chatting all day…

Why am I awake

Flying back to Blighty today. Then driving from Gatwick back to Leeds :expressionless: Got tomorrow off to recover from the journey home!

Breakfast at my neighbours followed by sitting around now trying not to worry about my tour later. The group is MASSIVE today, far too many to be manageable and for everyone to hear me :confused:

Got my homework to do after that, and work on a research project that is overwhelming me a bit but it’s iverdue and I need to get paid ASAP so I better stop dragging my heels.

Anglos Jon, Los, Sli, 837, Aph, Sco, etc

Just about to make another bed tea then a day of very little. Had a lovely day yesterday so feel my weekend has been good.
Going to wander down to the beer shop this afternoon and then make a curry (whilst drinking beer and watching something). Really happy with this plan.

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Good morning fellow bedwetters.

I was going to go out for a run but the weather is AWFUL so there NO CHANCE of that happening.
Think I’ll go to Morrison’s instead then come home a hit the punchbag for some exercise.

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Think we’re off to look at prams


Feeling quite a bit better today. I’m going to go gym for spin and a core class and then I’ll probably do some packing and lazing about!

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Morning all!

Just had a really nice coffee and some toast.

I’m playing over 35s football again tonight unless the weather stays like this. My only other daytime plans involve The Stick of Truth.

damn I feel extremely tired this morning. No idea why.

Anglos. Frasier on the telly, cricket on the laptop, coffee in the hand.



I’ve got to chop up the Christmas tree but I’m not feeling particularly inclined to leave my bed. Might go into town and buy some socks as the dog has gotten through about six pairs of mine.

Gonna make a cottage pie and drink wine this afternoon. Yes m8.

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Need to go supermarket. Making bibimbap for dinner and I can’t stop thinking about it.

there’s an emoji (? are they called that?) for everying now!


Wahey!! etc?

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alright scatman john

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gotta do a bunch of running around today. not til SBP is completed though. started having money anxiety dreams and waking up in the middle of night. stupid january!