Sunday 🌞 πŸ“†



Morning! What are you up to today? I’m going swimming, then will have a great bath and some pancakes, then watch some of the Olympics before going to my friends birthday party :swimming_woman:t5: :bath:t5: :pancakes: :tv: :skier: :ice_skate: :nail_care:t5: :tada: :sleeping_bed:t5:


That’s a good Sunday JB.

:shower: :fried_egg: :red_car: :field_hockey: :red_car: :soccer:️ :takeout_box::sleeping_bed:

Feeling a bit grim because I stayed up till 3am to watch the slopestyle


:nauseated_face: :coffee:️ :disappointed: :coffee:️ :sweat: :bacon: :grimacing: :fried_egg: :neutral_face: :joystick: :slightly_smiling_face: :film_projector: :relieved: :pizza: :heart_eyes:


Morning jazzy, laelfs and jezza

Got an atd, her husband and little baby daughter visiting the winch today. Gonna roast, pub and walk. Before that, tarting the house up and watching 'lympics.


I’m at the gym already watching MOTD whilst doing cardio. I should do this more often rather than laying in wasting Sundays.

I need to find out how my nephew is and perhaps go and visit him in hospital later.


Good morning jb, laelfy, J_I, r-t, ynot! Anglos a Sunday!

I’m well rested after going to bed early last night. Was out dancing with my housemates and we were going for it so hard that people asked were we professional dancers! Ha!

Going to meet an ATD who’s back from Vietnam after a year there. I’ve missed him loads so I might cry a bit. Off to see Gnod and Woven Skull then tonight.


Morning! Doing a trail half marathon this morning. It’s being pouring with rain all night and the forecast is for snow during the race :grimacing:

Might just sit in the car then hop out just as it’s finishing.

Probably going to go home and have a bath after that :bath:


Morning everyone

Want to go cycling - but I was feeling rough on Thursday and had to reschedule a job interview. Feel like whatever it was is lurking still and cycling will bring it out, and the rescheduled interview is tomorrow

God I hate interviews :disappointed:

Going to hoover and clean the flat. Play guitar, read and play Nintendo. Maybe have a mooch in town. Might cinema later but need to see what’s on.


I’ve been up working since 7.30 which sucks, but soon I’m done…then I’m gonna eat some eggs and go for a walk. Later I’m meeting a friend who has just broken up with his long term GF, so that will be fun.

Ate one of these absolute badboys yesterday. I wanted to swan-dive into that whole tray face first.


Oooft. Looks grim. Good luck!


bit of spanish revision, gym, food shopping, watch footy. not sure after 4


Still in bed

Might go back to sleep, then watching the Winter Olympics all day probably.


I thought that was an over elaborate Ikea sign to congratulate you on finally getting out.


Anglos all!
Woke up at 5 with jetlag. Played some vidya games and now doing some climbing training in the basement. Might do some shopping in town later but mainly just chilling with the TV after my week away.


woke up happy today :slight_smile:


Fleshly squeezed orange juice and breakfast in bed
Cutting my hair and his hair
French lesson using his graphic novels
Going out for waffles


what’s in these things?! they look incredible


They are sort of light sweet bread, filled with almost paste and sweetened whipped cream. They are insania (as Peter Andre might have said)


That #SBP life :tv: :fried_egg: :coffee:

No other plans today :man_shrugging:



yeah that sounds perfect