Even in Scotland it’s sunny. Looks like it’s going to be a cracking day. Got a wedding later so looking forward to standing about in my suit, drinking beer. Concerned about my uncomfortable/comfortable shoes. Lovely cushiony soles but the leather is too stiff and the back bit destroys my heels. Stupid bloody shoes.

Tell me about your day and your clothing grievances.

Blacking my sister’s canal boat (it’s been pulled out of the water so we’ve cleaned/sanded the bottom, got to put another coat of black on today) & doing other bits of boat DIY
Got dirtier than I’ve ever been before doing it yesterday, and only likely to continue today.
Unlikely I’ll be able to get clean for work Tuesday.

Happy sun, dweebs.


May 6, 2018 8:37 AM (Europe: Paris), May 5, 2018 11:37 PM (America: Los Angeles)

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Fighting through a hangover from the beer festival yesterday. Food prices were criminal, luckily the beer was good. Had a bloody brilliant day with top peeps and the girl. :heart_eyes::beers::+1:

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Morning. Going to Chester Zoo today :lion::tiger::zebra::giraffe::camel::elephant::elephant::rhinoceros::bat::bear::penguin::snake:


Recovering today after my trail marathon yesterday. Got some seriously sore legs but some plamph thought it would be a good idea to play golf!

@anon96483921 that sounds like a great job! Apart from the dirtiness of it.


Great word that so rarely gets an outing these days.


Have you tried cushioned plasters over the areas that would get destroyed usually? And/or a bit of vaseline to lessen the friction and soften it.

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Had about 2 hours sleep.
Pretty sure the 3 year old has norovirus, which means soon, we all have norovirus…


Out for brekkie with the lads


Yep, gonna stick two massive plasters over my heel areas. Who designs these bloody shoes?

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My brain woke me up at 6 again for no particular reason, good going.

Beanz on and a few menial tasks and then a day festival in Salford! A mate’s band are playing which I’m really looking forward to (and a few tins in the sun).

Hayfever has struck hard so I will probably spend most of the day sneezing and trying not to claw out my itchy eyes.

Might pop over to my nan’s this morning too, even though leaving the house seems like a bad idea considering the pollen threat.

Just had my longest lie in in months. Going to go to the beach today :sunglasses:

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Working until 6

@shinymcshine Re: shoes - Blister plasters.

Oh I see @anon89873996 has covered this.

If I thought I could get away with it I’d be rocking trainers with my suit, ha ha.

If the Jehovah’s witness at the camp in Don Delillo’s White Noise can get away with it I’m sure you can.

(This is a very niche reference and one I can o ly remember due to currently reading said book)


Morning all!

I’m a touch hungover from the wedding yesterday - had a surprisingly lovely time and The Child has acquired something of a fan club. I only made very quiet Get Out jokes on a couple of occasions.

It doesn’t look sunny and clear outside my window but it’s early.


Yeah forecast cloudy all day here. But up to 18 degrees so can’t really grumble too much.