Woke up at 5:50 in order to sneeze a few times. Couldn’t get back to sleep. Now doing a couple of hours of work I didn’t finish on Friday. Bleurgh.

What’s up with you, DiS?

gym cos I ate my bodyweight in ribs last night


Going back to That London today, aka, that place that doesn’t even have chip spice.

I’m going to be cycling up ANOTHER mountain today in France.



Climbed outside for the first time in about 5 weeks yesterday. My body is in all kinds of pain this morning as a result. Planning on moving as little as possible today.


Ran the Wellington half marathon this morning with my #1 ATD. Did a decent time considering we weren’t at peak training. Rain and wind came up hard towards the end.

Then had lunch with some running buddies, one of whom is leaving town. Saw a couple I haven’t seen in ages.

Then went home and lay on the couch listening to the rain and watching the World Cup. Fucking heaven.



:golf: :tv: (:soccer:)


Morning awake too early so gonna try get back to sleep in a minute.

Some friends are around for trnsmt so gonna meet them for breakfast/lunch

Then Football and Erm more Football.

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I’ve had approximately 14 minutes sleep. I feel strange.

The disco was sweaty chaos. The barbecue afterwards was nice - once I’d finished cooking for 16 people. The ‘sleep’over involved very little sleep - at 4am I was woken by the sound of kids playing on the climbing frame in my garden (we were camping out in tents).


My tonsillitis is now teamed with a stinking cold! Grrrrr. I want to go gym but I can barely stand up.

At least I have company in bed!!!

Bbq at my parents later on


She’s lovely. How is she settling in?

Packed the car, now having a McDonald’s breakfast and then driving to North Devon. Big playlist lined up.




Just had coffee with poached eggs, avo and toast.

Gonna go bike ride - then there’s a street party on my street. Have a feeling it’s going to be awful but we’ll see.

Slim possibility of a date later

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Exactly. I feel positively celebratory - until I fall asleep in my lunch later anyway.

Yep. That’s weird. It defeats the purpose of a sleepover surely?

Morning all.

Just had cold brew coffee and croissants. Up the road to see some sheep this morning, toddler swimming around lunchtime, then off to a country pub this afternoon for a friend’s birthday, which could involve some sort of boating experience. A good day planned I reckon.


Yesterday she was a little hissy but still quite friendly so we set her up in the spare room and she was hiding under the bed or on the pillow.

Then this morning she’s completely different! She’s obviously explored whilst we were sleeping cause she followed me in the living room this morning, jumped up on the sofa and she’s been laying out on the bed and being all snuggly! It’s so cute.


:biking_man: :beers: :shower: :tv: :soccer: :hammer_and_wrench: :tv: :soccer: :sleeping_bed:

With your two favourite allies? (GF and baby)

Morning all!

Another birthday party today. Hopefully won’t miss the football this time.