Morning all!

How much sport are you watching today?
What colour is the sky?
What do you predict will be the last thing you eat?

World Cup final.
A piece of toast.


Two and half hours (including build up/post match going on about it)
Grey (as you can see for youself)
Probably pasta (no snacks in the house, might get some crumpets or something to make this answer more exciting)

About to cain 6 hours absolute work :wave:

Face like a dropped pie today, hungover :disappointed: Send crisps.

(Allez les) Blue

World Cup final hopefully.
McDonald’s with the boy for lunch.

World cup! :cry:
Some kind of takeaway, maybe sushi

90 mins

Clear blue

Strawberries and ice cream (vanilla and clotted cream).

Morning @keith and everyone.

World Cup Final.
Very blue
Humble pie

Oh, might watch some of the gaelic football as well

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World cup final, maybe some tennis.
Looking a bit grey.
Last thing today or in my life? Today probably a burger, shockingly today I will be attending my first BBQ of the summer - not sure how this has transpired. Of my life - hopefully a paesano pizza.

Spent a week in Tenerife and no sunburn. Spent yesterday doing my driveway, sunburn in the oddest places.

good morning keith and





last food of the day

dunno. yoghurt?

thanks for listening.

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The match. As little punditry as possible.
Chocolate peanuts and raisins.

Like the DiS version of a pop up book. Very enjoyable cows. See you in the WORLD CUP thread later.

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No sport.
Blue and white.
Chocolate digestive.

Reckon I’m gonna go to the tip 3 (three) times today :upside_down_face:

TdF roubaix stage

morning DiS. going to see ma maw today. not much else really.

Tdf (highlights :sob:); wc (second half :cry:); wimbledon (radio :neutral_face:)
Pure blue

Got some freebie vip tickets for the Scottish open today so gonna go there and drink all their booze.
Probably won’t watch any of the Golf though.
I’ve not had much sleep and I need some food.

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We’re all looking forward to you posting at 10pm full of free wine and still not having eaten.


Early up today. Lulled the baby off to sleep by badly singing along to Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron and Wine.

Now mooching round a farmer’s market and then meeting the family for a picnic.

Maybe an hour of the TdF highlights and a rerun of the WC final.

Bright Blue

Some pasta dish I think.

Was about to put none to your sport question, but then remembered wimbledon!

Dunno, still in bed.

Hm, I think maybe an apple crumble.