We went to IKEA last night. Here’s me with one of our purchases.

Today is: bike ride, BBQ, then hope we can leave in plenty of time to build the chair (Ekenaset) and shelves (Kallax) we purchased.

Tell me of your todays.


Nice plant.

I’ve been up since 4:30am. No idea why. I’m gonna take bf to golf then go get my brows done, go gym, maybe have some sausages.

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I’ve also been awake for ages. Sucks.

Today is my second penoid tournament of the weekend. Boy, if I thought I cba yesterday…

Will be shorter, though. Might get a full English breakfast today.

Too hot yesterday, gonna be too hot today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.


Went bed at 2, woke up at 5. Had too much to drink, feel fine 🤷🤷

Meeting an atd and his wife for coffee, then mooching around Southsea, then over the the TV’s parents for Greek tea before driving home

We have a few Kallax shelves, they’re dead easy to put together, even for my massive clumsy hands, shouldn’t take long.
Also in the awake early club. Today is my Wednesday so got a day of explaining gas canisters and fancy rum to Tories. Might bbbbq later.

You’re still drunk mate :neutral_face:


:egg: and :avocado: on :bread: for breakfast
:soccer: tournament :trophy: at 10:30 til 4ish
Might go :cinema: watch :film_projector: incredibles :two: this evening.

Nah, I’m isn’t


RIP lunchtime Rich

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Flying home today. Youngest has just demolished a Nutella pancake


Been joined by the cat and her thousand yard stare. She’s seen things, man.



Going home later today, but my train isn’t until four-something so plenty of time to do stuff. Not sure what said stuff will be other than finishing looking around the Turner gallery and getting more amazing ice cream. Have to check out of our room by 11 though so not looking forward to lugging my bags around all day.

I think all the card game posts have led Facebook’s advertising algorithm to make some educated guesses about my private life.


I’d say that if you feel fine then you drank just the right amount.

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14 hours sleep and I’m still not right

Gonna eat all this bacon though


I want bacon! When’s Sainsbury’s open?