Heeeeyyyyy!!! Blah blah blah drunkydrunkdrunk blah drunk


Adrenaline is a vasoconstrictor so wouldnt result in stiffening. You want to be injecting nitric oxide in that chopped off appendage for vasodilation yoooo

very lovely sentiment regardless



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Love you. We must meet one day please!

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:wave: hi drunk Witches!

Hiiii I’m messaging you from under my duvet. I’m sharing a room with other people. Shhhh


With that sharp fringe and that expression you seem to be channelling Aubrey Plaza in Parks & Rec. :smiley:

Anyway, looks a nice plant.

TBF, my experience of Waterloo station would lead me to give a 10 minute cushion for any transfers into our outside of it unless I commuted every day. That place is an utter nightmare of exits at different street heights etc.

(I recall Bank/Monument frequently wasting a lot of my time until I was a commuter there.)

Agreed to pick my sis up from the airport cos I’m such a great brother.
Delayed taking off and now landed but not moving on the tarmac, takin fucking ages.

always seemed like the easiest station to navigate tbh. all the platforms are on the same level in a line. exit the station straight onto the main road.

It may be that I have go out in ways that use the Underground station too. The front exits onto a sort of mezzanine

So you have to then come down to street level. But there’s also a way to come out via the Underground near the Fire Station on Waterloo Road. In general coming up into there from Waterloo East seems to have two totally different ways out up into the station.

Yes please!!! :heart:

n00bs exit, that. all the lads go through here:

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It’s more that Waterloo East is internally connected to Waterloo, and my incoming platform was right in front of the escalator up to WE. So it would never take more than 5 mins on Sunday night at 11.15pm!

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That’s cool, if it’s nicely signposted etc that’s fine. Sometiems I find they’ll just mark an exit know it’s not the quickest because they don’t want traffic. i.e. if you get off at one end of the Northern Line train at King’s Cross you’ll be sent a very direct route to the Piccadilly Line. If you get off at the other end there’s a very long loop round that you follow. It’s actually dreadful when you consider there could be people who aren’t massively mobile going up lots of stairs and round. So I wasn’t sure if there might be an alternative route that people could get grabbed by. Sounds more like they just fucked it up completely to me :smiley: Yay for you!

Which is precisely my point about setting up the timings in a journey planner. If you go the other way it’s longer so you would allow for the time taken to orient yourself in the station. All planner stuff is set for the slower/n00b end of the design.

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Only a fool or a desperate person goes to Waterloo, TBF.

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It’s normal for NRE journey planner. The in station connection times are reasonable. The between station ones are ludicrous. I’ve been given over an hour to get from Kings Cross to Euston tomorrow. I could literally crawl it in half the time if I so wished.

Better that than people miss connections because the estimates are over optimistic tbh.

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Over and hour, though? WTAF?