Managed to sleep until 5.30 today, so that’s… good. Might get up and make pancakes in a bit.

Looking forward to having a massive nap later.

What are you doing?

Morning. Up at 5am but that is not surprising cause was in bed at 9pm last night. Currently my baby is sat on the floor eating a cardboard box . Swim with wife and baby later this morning followed by a gruelling bootcamp. This afternoon is watching the mighty reds with beer and carvery . Happy Sunday everyone


Up at 7 to do laundry and tidy my place. Boring.

I’m sort of hoping it rains all day so I don’t have to leave the house.

Morning. Dunno what to do today as it’s pissing it down all day apparently. Baby slept for 9hrs straight last night. Bliss. Currently laying in bed listening to 6 music. Will have breakfast and watch fraiser I think.

It’s throwing it down.
I’ve got to play golf.

Owwwww my head

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Just remembered that at the party I was at there was an argument about the correct pronunciation of Sufjan Stevens was like watching a live DiS thread.


I got to sleep in until my back-up alarm :tada: :confetti_ball: :dancer: :balloon: :zzz: :fireworks: :tada:


Think both people were wrong now.

Morning folks! Currently trying to arrange a lift to work so I don’t wash away on the walk. Going to be a nightmare day full of wet, grumpy holidaymakers. But then roast later at my parents’ so who really gives a fuck!




Why am I awake? Didn’t go to bed until 4am ffs.

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Morning! Woken up by Jimbo at 6.30, which is the latest he’s got up in days. Just had our first meltdown of the day over mini croissants. It’s going to be another long one. Taking him swimming shortly, which should pass a bit of the morning.

I think this calls for a special edition vocaroo thread.

In-laws been here all weekend. Got the afternoon to myself, for myself. What shall I do?

That really was a DiS argument.


alright? also quite tired.

going out to watch the road race later on. I don’t have anything in for breakfast.

Morning all!

We’re going to pick a kitchen this morning if we can find a way around the cycling.

I’m eating haggis later.

I’ve seen Sufjan Stevens come onto stage in front of a sold out crowd and say, “Hi, my name is Sufjan Stevens. That’s Sufjan, not Sufjan.”.

Can’t argue with that.

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That does explain why a) the roads were unusually quiet, b) the door I usually use wasn’t already unlocked, c) why I’m the only person here.

Sunday isn’t Monday is it?

I’d go back home but it’s raining and here I have Sky Sports.