'Sun'day ☔

Bit grim here.

Anything going on DiS?

Theresa May. Theresa Might. Theresa Will, Theresa Won’t, Theresa’s Shite.

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Tried a different Indian last night. It was shite - hate it when that happens.


Today is my Saturday II but it is more a Sunday 1a to be honest.

Wor Lass has a friend bringing a toddler round for a play date. I’m using the time to do some marking and hopefully prepare for my interview. I haven’t played nearly enough computer games this month, so that too.

Might watch The Red Turtle later.

Rain’s on.

Going to lie in bed listening to it for as long as possible. No other plans.

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I have to go and interview some people today for an article. CBA.

Just had waffles with raspberries, which was superb.


just going to listen to music and play tomb raider

Going to sack off any hope of going out, applied for a new job and now just going to get on with doing fuck all

Anglos one and all. Off to work shortly, the rain means we’ll either be really busy or really quiet, cba with either option really. In a bit of a post-birthday slump, might make a roast later to drag myself out of it.


got some coffee and hazelnut flavour soy milk. tastes nice on its own but not very nice in coffee. hmm.

This sounds wonderful!

Laying in bed listening to the rain. Supposed to be playing cricket today. Haha.

Might head out and find some coffee with the laptop for a couple of hours instead.

This sounds like it would be very good on a day like today if you got a window seat.

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Actually really good weather to be on a train, very moody and atmospheric outside. Not looking forward to getting off the train and the rainy uphill walk to my granddad’s nursing home :frowning:

Worst drive to work in ages. Crawled along the motorway. Couldn’t see FA. Much like @anon19035908, at work today, and unsure of it’ll be busy or not. Really cba. Also the first night away from the baby who h is a bit sad. Missed my morning smiles.

Anglos all. I’m awake early so I might go and buy the paper. I plan to watch the Chelsea match later and we might go to visit my GF’s grandparents later too. Proper Sunday right there.

Dreadful weather here.

I heartily recommend spending the entire four hours listening to Low, perfect weather for it and that might ease things.

Sounds like you have had a good time in Manchester :slight_smile:


That 1% chance of rain at 1400 is a bit ominous, best stay in for the afternoon.


It’s the clouds on Tuesday that I’m most concerned about.

Hi FL and crew. No plans for the day, probably just have a wonder, it’s grey here but not raining… yet.

I don’t think you needed to try this to have known that.

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