I can’t believe none of you other weirdos have started this.

I’m probably going to eat my body weight in snacks while I play computer games and mark essays.


Is anybody there?

Need to go to Ikea. I’m currently hiding in the loo.

I’ll get up in a minute

noticed a sign outside a restaurant just round the corner from my house yesterday saying they do £10 Sunday lunch, thinking of going round later and treating myself to one. it’s an Italian restaurant though so not entirely confident in their expertise on doing a roast

Yes. Just watched a bit of MOTD.

About to make porridge with the leftover oats yesterday’s oat milk production.

Probably watch the football later. Might try the bakery that was sold out yesterday again.

Dunno what to do from now until half 4, maybe read a bit, should probably do some house stuff shopping but CBA.

Thoughts and prayers.

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Watching match of the day even though I can no longer bring myself to give a fig about the EPL.

Important SPL game later that’s not being televised and I’m hoping there’s some sort of dodgy stream out there somewhere.

The bairn has a party to attend this morning, swerving it, and then lunch with the family at some godawful garden centre - give me strength.

Feeling like crap but solo parenting today.

I had a cough last week which has developed into a full blow cold. Arse. Was meant to be taking James swimming, but I can’t be arsed with that now.

My god I hate Sunday Brunch

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like the tunstall though

Simon Rimjob lives near me. Always see him out and about giving it the “yeah, the guy off the telly” spiel.

Morning keith and etc. Tried and failed to get Glastonbury tickets. Gonna watch MOTD then I might go into town and buy some nice wintery clothes.

Off to Antwerp via Amsterdam for work. CBA.

:oncoming_automobile: :boot:

Can you scope out a bookcase for me that isn’t be some teenie tiny 90cm wide job. I want 130cm wide baby! Cheers!

She was a bit…enthusiastic

What’s the reasoning behind making your own oak milk - cheaper? Better than the bought stuff?

The neverending Cold continues - today I’m adding a sore throat to my symptoms

Failed to get Glastonbury tickets, just had coisants and coffee. I’m cooking a roast later, but not much planned apart from that

more indie

I don’t even think you can get oak milk online at the moment.

Acorns are really difficult to milk.