By cold id much worse doday.

How are you?

Morning epimer :wave::wave::wave:

My cold is much better but I’m still snotty and now everyone on my tour has it :speak_no_evil:

Flew to Yangzhou this morning, view from my hotel room is nice


I’m doing a 12hr shift

I still have a case of the Epimers. Had to run to the loo at breakfast this morning. Got a 6hr flight to look forward to so making use of imodium.

On the plus side my hotel room has a balcony view of the pyramids of Giza.


how’s china laelfs?

you enjoying the internet censorship?

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Was up early to take bf to golf so I can have the car today to run my errands.

Currently snuggling with this little angel whilst watching 90 day finance obvs


mornin all

made an egg bean tomato thing that i really thought would be tasty but ended up being severely meh

I have a vpn so I’ve got full access. China is incredible in many different ways - very hard to get your head around and there’s no chance I’d be here without a guide. Incredible food and from what I can tell the people are pretty nice as well once you get past the shoving. Some beautiful scenery too - the only thing I haven’t enjoyed so far is the toilets which are pretty much sub-human.

Beautiful. I like those thingies there at the back. Are you anywhere near Vietnam at all?

No but I believe they are the same things. Will be heading to Vietnam in a few weeks so will compare.

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Great view - anyone else want to take part in the great hotel view competition?

Is Egypt pretty cheap these days?

Had a shroom dog sandwich (the Cumberland ones are not as good as the red onion ones)
Perfect day for football and due to a depleted squad I’ve been moved from left back to attacking midfield. It’s my time to shine.


I agree the red onion ones are much better.

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At work, till counting.


This is the best place. Are you going to go to one of the cookery schools there?

Yes! Tomorrow night.

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Not in a hotel, not on holiday.

In a lay by reading the paper before collecting les enfants.

Not a clue what we’re going to do, Scooby doo.

Got a cold, endeavouring to make it last until February the amount im smoking lol

I’m gonna Sunday the shit out of today


The scenery around there was used as the background in the 1993 video game Doom. That’s my fact of the day.