Morning DiS

Raining to fuck here, house is leaking in a couple of places so wish it would stop if only for that.

Going to do a bit of plugging here to reach as many eyes as possible :eyes: - prize donation for the DiS Hardship Fund Winter Raffle closes at noon tomorrow, so last chance if you have anything you would like to put forward. Tomorrow throughout the day I will be doing a reveal of the prizes and then Tuesday raffle entry will be open :partying_face:

What are you fine folks up to today?


Revision, gym and footy

Daughter lives roti so just trying to make some now.


Two hour shift seems pointless and cruel, alright if you are wfh or it is just down the road, but if with any kind of commuting time that is rubbish :frowning:

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Heading to the office to revise…

Morning all

Dinner went well last night - was a bit stressful serving everything up (so the presentation for the mains went a bit wrong) but it tasted alright and we raised £200 :slight_smile: week two is next Saturday so I have time to recover.



Glad to hear it went so well ccb :+1:

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Morning all. Finished work at 3, home by 4, bed at 445, up at 6 - I feel like one of Monty Python’s Yorkshiremen - left at 7, on the train to Liverpool for the football at 8. Heading for a massive energy crash rn. Views are lovely, though.


In bed with a coffee :coffee: Had a lovely evening last night, went to see Widows and ate loads of Japanese food. Things are really busy atm so trying to take it easy whenever possible and try not to feel guilty about it.

Today I am going to read my book in the bath and make curries.


Got woken up for the second day in a row by builders drilling into the wall between my house and next door, at 8am. Pretty irked.

I’m sorting out my trash heap of an apartment, then I’m gonna do some ‘life admin’. Then a pal’s birthday later. Tired tho :zzz:

m8 this food looks dreamy

Thank you :slight_smile: I had a bit of a meltdown serving up the main courses as (a) the kitchen was a bombsite, (b) I couldn’t find any serving spoons/ ladels etc and © there was just the sheer volume (two curries, a noodle dish, broccoli and rice, split across two tables). We got there in the end.

State of the kitchen at the end :scream:


:wave: hiya. Up early again, had a mushroom omelette with a coffee for breakfast. Caught up on last nights UFC. Gonna tidy up a bit. Then need to pack some stuff (working away next week) then off for something to eat/drink in town.

Anglos. At work. Too much wine last night. Really hoping my boss doesn’t come in today. Massive cba.

Morning all!

I’m watching Mr Tumble cook Jamaican food.

No real plans today but Wor Lass marinaded a chicken in Nandos sauce so I’ll be eating that later. I haven’t brought any urgent work home so I’ll hopefully get more time to play computer games.



My bed is too comfy. Can’t make vindaloo from bed so it’s probably not happening.

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Not with that attitude you can’t


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