Anglos everybody

Doing much today? I’ll mostly be trying to shake this awful cold, seeing my parents and going round the heinously busy Christmas market. Just want to stay in bed m8s.

Anglos Rich. Got work 10-4 so not sure why I’m already wide awake. Might go to the pub for a bit later, but then again, might just stay in and eat loads of party food. You feeling any happier pal?


^this. Already out of bed though :-1:

GL with your day rich.

Morning rich, been awake since 4am - bit bored.

Hope you’re feeling better today FL. We all think you’re amazing, remember that.


We’re booked to walk a dog this morning, it was weather dependent and looking unlikely but it seems to actually be dry out there, so that’s good. Vague plans later to go to this arcade game cafe near us for grilled cheese and some games, and then to see the new Wreck It Ralph afterwards.


No not really. Hoping that the manic month coming up will help, but I know it won’t really

I want an almond croissant but cba going to get one. Why is life so hard.

Need to do some work today, ffs.

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Sorry to hear that, that’s shite. Keep plugging away at the jobs thing and I’m sure something will come along soon.

Oh no :slightly_frowning_face: no no no. So overhung m9s :pensive:

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Had a nice eve at my parents last night. Back to Essex again today for my brothers girlfriends baby shower. Auntie Meow makes me so happy :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: and I get to see my aunties! :two_hearts:


Seems we’re watching Frozen again and having a debate about advent calendars. Hmmm. Reckon I can copy and paste this for every morning thread throughout December.

Going stocking up on oat milk later and that’s about as exciting as it gets. But I’m down with that. Pure Sundaying.


Morning all.

Standard Sunday pub lunch with my mam later. After that I’ve begrudgingly agreed to watch the new Mama Mia movie with the kids. In anticipation of this momentous movie I’ve just overhead my youngest singing:

Mama Mia,
I’ve got diarrhoea,
Splash splash,
Now I’ve got a bum rash.

Sunday might have peaked.


Doing work, watching the football.

Hey @rich-t apparently Bath have put in a pedestrian one way system for the Xmas market and it’s causing PROPA CHAOS hope yours isn’t so awful…

Forgot to defrost the polony, taking aaaagggeees in the microwave. I want breakfast!!

Morning all.

I got all my chores done in the hour or so between getting in yesterday afternoon and going out for dinner which means I have a free day of chilling on the sofa without them looming over me which basically never happens so quite pleased with myself. Going to play video games mainly.

Went to see the new Assyrian exhibition at the British museum last night and it is excellent. Love seeing ancient artefacts and thinking about ancient civilisations.

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Did a date last night, beers pizza and even a bit of dancing

Think I’ve staved off the worst of the hangover having water a few hours ago. Coffee in bed now, Jessica is sat on me

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An entire day in bed watching films, football and I’m a Celeb. I’m so happy.

Also have some danish bacon in the fridge (the standard of bacon is shocking here so I’ve paid a premium as a treat to myself). Today is going to be GREAT

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If Jessica is your date then I guess it went well.


Hey everyone. Not got much on really - best friend is over from NYC so going to another a BFs for lunch (home made lamb Biriyani made by his iraqi/Scottish mum) so excited about that.

Big news for me personally was that I am launching three new podcasts and a Patreon. Big JAG I guess? Fuck it, I’ve earned it.


Jessica is the cat - but the date did go well