Can this be real? (raven speaks like human)


that raven certainly is quite the tight shit


Right, I’m getting a Raven for Christmas


checks list

Sorry lopes, you’re already down for a mushroom log.


Sake… I knew this movie was a bad idea. I now have a 7 year old asking me what ‘be still my beating vagina’ means


On my way home from disneyland which was really good, cant tell if im in the tunnel yet on the eurostar but ive got signal. Had a great time even tho this is an actual picture of me on a scary ride :joy:

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Maybe my secret Santa will sort me out. Raven canny be much more than a fiver


just checked my bank balance and it was loads more than I thought I had :smiley:

then remembered my bf’s wages get paid into my bank account :frowning:


Easy come easy go :weary:


Hi team. Had a lovely weekend in Margate. So so tired, slept terribly after blocking my nose with cokey-cains and mouth breathing the night away, intermittently waking up for water for Ghandi flip-flop mouth :grimacing:

Back in London now and only plan on getting off this sofa to go to bed and to take a sticky toffee pud out of the oven in 10.


Either save it for Thursday or CONGRATULATIONS! Not sure which.


Stick toffee pudding in a bowl is very nice but to put it on a person is demented


Imagine a sticky toffee pudding bath.


Wouldn’t get very clean would you?


Just remembered in my speaking exam, when asked why I liked my job, I said “I have a great bunch of colleagues”

If I fail it’s all the fault of this website.


It would be worth it


can you feel it

Can You Feel It


do one, Amazon.


That song always reminds me of that Derren Brown thing where he trained people to rob a bank, anyone remember that?


Now what?