Morning all :wave:

How are you all? Hope you slept well and/or have had good evenings if you’re still awake.

Plans for the day: the girls are off to the panto this afternoon so will probably do some Christmas shopping. Not sure what else really. The girls are currently watching Sufjan Christmas songs on YouTube, which is standard for the time of year.

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Hellooooo! I woke up an hour ago and can’t get back to sleep :grimacing:

Gonna try and hammer out all my Christmas cards today, think Suf might be my soundtrack too - I’ll have to watch his worst Christmas monologue as well, I love that :relaxed:

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Morning CCB, Dingers, all subsequent posters.
Got work 10-4 so obviously been awake since 6.30 for no apparent reason and now the cat is wailing and charging around for reasons only she knows. Might get up and wrap my wife’s Christmas presents while she’s still asleep but while typing that sentence I’ve realised I can’t be bothered and I’ll do it at a normal hour another day like a normal person.


Ventos Sundays!

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I’ve not seen this! I need to look it up.

Oh it’s so silly and great:

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I had two glasses of wine yesterday and couldn’t sleep as I was overheating so much. Also I’m now hungover.

Going to a friend’s to catsit once I’m dressed.

Morning all. Went for a long run today, it was way hotter than I planned, ran shirtless for a while to try to cool down which I never do (and of course got sunburned, idiot dickhead). Absolute shambles, walked it in for the second half.

Then I carried a beanbag through suburban Wellington for several km. As you do.

Bookmarked for next Saturday morning :smiley:


My left shoulder is in pain.

Already screamed at R.

Today is going swimmingly.

Also meant to be doing Christmas decorations today but really cba. Don’t feel like it being Christmas and almost want to forego everything other than DiSmas and that one bag of lebkuchen I have stashed away. Bah.

You must be knackered from all the raffle stuff :frowning: the decorations can wait, hope your shoulder eases up soon. We all think you’re ace x


I had a nice conversation with an Uber driver who told me to check out a YouTube video and leave him a comment on the app when I rate him after I’ve watched it. ‘The voice surprise blind audition R. Kelly’. FFS

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Not really my decision over decorations tbh, might see if I can just duck out of it without causing offence (unlikely). Raffle recovery was fine, mostly drained because it was my nan’s funeral Friday and I find funerals really stressful and counterproductive to the grieving process, but it was another thing I had to do for other people. Also my ex still being really calous and bullying.

I should not be awake right now. :sleeping:

I’m going to a pantomime this afternoon.

Oh yes I am etc.

My bedroom is the perfect bread proving temperature.


Aw :hugs:

I’m sorry to hear about your nan x

I’m sure @xylo’s offer to piss through your ex’s letterbox still stands.


met a very attractive couple last night
hope I stay in their lives


walks out of room, high fiving everyone