Shout out to the dis mums.
And all of your mothers.
Today I need to do some food shopping, bike maintenance, put some stuff on walls and watch football. 7/10 Sunday.

Got no food in right now, I take it all back, bring me the asparagus breakfast :sob:


I bought bagels and peanut butter yesterday because I’m much smarter than you.

Gonna ring my mam and let her now I’ll be home for Easter.

Might go out on my bike. Old firm so will try avoid centre.

Anglos all

Managed to help the girls deliver Mrs CCB’s various mother’s day presents without too much hassle. Going for lunch at the place that does the nicest roast dinners, and then for a walk in the woods, I think. Feels very spring-like!


Howdy all. Happy Mother’s Day DiS mums

Had nice cuddles in bed this morning. Driving back to very briefly see mine and my partner’s parents. Huge CBA. Just wanna stay home. Listening to Sharon Van Etten (Tramp album) and hitting a McDonald’s breakfast I think


Anglos all! And HMD to all the amazing DiS mums @Scout @anon89873996 @anon32406580 @Slicky and anyone I’ve forgotten, you’re all fucking great :heart:

More stock-taking today, got about 30 handwritten pages to add up :cry: but finish at 4 then will call in and see Ma Funkhouser and drop off her card and some wine then come home for roast chicken. Sunny as fuck here again :sunny::grinning:


Wish there was a proper pub near us that did roasts. Like really near us. Also a good open for early breakfast cafe. Got 3 hours childcare this morning to get some work done and not sure where to go that doesn’t eat into that time too much getting there.



Not had a roast in… well feels like years :sob: Christmas… I guess.

Going out for breakfast feels like a great idea, always chocka though. And I’d need to put some clothes on :frowning:

If you’re just after somewhere quiet you’re welcome round here. I’ll be buggering off/out soon. I have a kettle.

Oh yeah that’d be cool! Just need Wi-Fi and a plug

Cool. Give me 10 mins to shower and it’s all yours :slight_smile:


Anglos a mother’s day,

Thank you for mother’s day wishes various folk. Bit of a weird one here as it is the first one since my nan died, so my mum is a bit emotional. Having cake and a nice dinner later, but a normal day besides that is in store.


No rush. My mum’s not here yet.

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I’m going to celebrate by making a pot of coffee, eating some eggs and watching frasier. Too broke to do anything else today.

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Morning matt_was_taken, DiS mums and others,

Been visiting the deer in Nara, innit.



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The little bow they do afterwards :sob:

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Not our one, the ungrateful little madam

Anglos/Morning all. Having the parents round for lunch later. First time doing something in person for mother’s day as it’s always been too close to Easter to warrant a separate trip home. Hopefully I won’t screw up the cooking!

Whatcha makin

Day of productivity! Have a massive to do list, with some pretty crucial/long standing things on there. If I don’t get idk 5 done today then I’ll be pretteh pretteh irritated with myself.

Also looks and sounds like a lovely day out beyond the blinds, so will make sure to venture out. Maybe fancy lunch bagel? Or Wahaca hmm.

Mum doesn’t do Mother’s Day the massive hippy she is/only just had her birthday meal and film out last night, so nothing on the cards on that front.