Sunday 💤

Morning. Up early on account of falling asleep at 7pm last night. What does your Sunday have in store?

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Up at 5.30 this morning. On a magical rail replacement bus service to Bedford for the half marathon. Will I make it for the 9 start? Yes, and it prob wont even be that dramatic tbf.

After that a coffee date then idk


Morning tilters, sip, mmj and all who follow. Work in a bit, then going to my parents house for a roast. Would very much like to skip the first part please.

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Going into the Moors proper in a few minutes. Going to do some kind of Egton Bridge Goathland circular.

Can’t decide whether to take a coat. The lighter one I have is still quite heavy and rain isn’t forecast until 1,by which time I’ll be done…

Live life on the edge



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Yeah coz I’d been on the tonic since 1pm m9 back off

I’m joking of course. Did you see the t-shirt I bought last night tilto?

Cilla Black print?

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Enjoy the money Jane? Absolutely smashing it out the park :heart_eyes:


Oh my goodness no I didn’t see this one!!! NEEEED

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My car battery is dead :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry:

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:joy: now I might need that one too.

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Did you get the Come Dine With Me one?

Ffs. Neighbour probably has jump leads but much too early to knock on a Sunday. Had everything ready and dog hyped up in the car. Gutted. Could just do a walk from home but I’m in a horrible mood now. Was really really looking forward to this when I haven’t really enjoyed going for walks for several weeks.

The actual fuck, life? Not fair.

Oh mate didn’t realise you were driving to your walk. Maybe have a cup of tea and then set out from home instead? X

Couldn’t sleep because of anger at my mum smoking when she’s only flat and she thinks I’ve not idea. Managed to let it go lately but how rude and disrespectful, and in the same room as Jnr.

Our relagio ship is fraught enough so trying to let it go buts literally the thing I hate more than anything. Gah!

Anyway, hanging out with a friend today, got to get some work done at some point too.

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