Had a great time yesterday. Today I’m meeting a friend for lunch. Hbu?


Morning tilto, joke, all subsequent posters! Off to work in a bit for another day of counting things :frowning: really want this week to hurry up and fuck off so I can get on with my nice weekend I have planned.

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Why do I drink when even a small amount makes me feel horribly sick? Feeling rough as but need to get out to meet a friend for breakfast in an hour. Someone feed me sausages


I’m lucky not to have any sort of hangover. Probably because I stopped when I did.

What’s on your weekend agenda funky?

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Tuesday is payday I think so probably some kind of lavish dinner
Wednesday going to Bath for the day to rush around town for a few hours saying hello to old friends and eating as much city food as I can.
Thursday having a big day in with Mrs F rearranging and clearing stuff out and relaxing.


So hungover. Much headaches.

Current communication level: groan

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I woke up at 3 with the sweats and then couldn’t get back to sleep. I don’t think I’ll be doing much today.

I don’t have a hangover as such, I’m just very tired but can’t sleep.

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Off in a bit to an NCT dads reunion I’ve organised. 6 of 8 dads n babs will be there. The other 2 can’t do 2-3 hours out solo parenting their 7 month olds - dads eh…


That’s what sundays are for. Lounging about, not quite sleeping :grin:


I’m tired and emotional after being woken at 5.30 by the tiny human alarm clock. I’ve watched more Ardman animations this morning than should be legal. Who knew that Vic Reeves sand the theme tune to the Shaun the Sheep series though?

Anyway - high drama on the back streets of Brighton! A window has blown out two of the top floor flat two doors up. It doesn’t look like anything got thrown out of the window, so was there an explosion? Who knows. There’s glass everywhere, and nobody’s answering the door at the top or ground floor flats.



Why do i get on the 5%+ beers. Absolute mess.


Alright sons. At work innit. Productive morning and we get a evening with no kiddo tonight. Slowly dragging along to my weekend.


Morning. Gym. Star Wars. Liverpool. Dinner.


I’ve been watching Shaun this morning too - Rizzle Kicks join Vic for the theme tune at the end of the first movie! :sheep:

Just up with the wee one as of five minutes ago. He’s majorly back on a duggee trip, after having strayed to peppa and paw patrol for a few months, so I reckon I’ll be watching a fair few of them to kick off the day.

Today should involve me doing lots of work to make next week at work less stressful and also getting on top of the housework so that the place is less of a riot. Today will probably actually involve not a great deal.

I’m going to have the same Sunday that I always have.

Take the kids to athletics this morning, and then head to to my mam’s for Sunday lunch.

Last night’s fajitas are conspiring against me though.

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ey ey ba day ba wadladie day



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