Alright? Off to work then going straight down to the Theatre Of Greens to get a big armful of vaccine followed by roast at my parents house and fretting about tomorrow’s job interview so all in all; a mixed bag.

What you got going on then?


Morning funk man,
Was at a friends 30th yesterday, it was a boozy mess. Gonna go and walk Jackson today.
Not sure why I’m up this early, it was a late ish one last night. :thinking:



My daughter is watching the German Eurovision entry on repeat. It feels like this could be used as a form of torture. What’s with the dancing hand?

Giving the dogs a bath and then off to me Mam’s for lunch.

Best of luck!



Off to steward church then to my sister’s to celebrate my nephew’s and Rs birthday :gift:

Then home for mega football and bit of work.


Was up at 5am again

The Swedish early sunrises + cat are destroying me

However, this afternoon I am leaving Stockholm for the first time in nearly 18 months and going to Spain for two and a half weeks

Got a work report to write and an apartment to empty before the new owners move in on July 1st

It’s a solo trip so I might end up losing it with so much isolation but obviously I am looking forward to isolating by the pool and that

Also looking forward to maybe getting decent sleep as the sun rises there at 7 instead of 4am

My one big wish for today is that the flight out has wifi enough for me to stream the final day of the PL season



I am hungover so have been awake since 7.30am when I needed some water and it’s too sunny to go back to sleep. Hangovers are rubbish eh?


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Had a grand total of four NA beers last night and woke up in the middle of the night with a furry mouth. Don’t miss hangovers (even though I didn’t really get them)

Just eating this…


Morning! Up early to go fishing, but forecast calling for rain. Tough to tell in the pitch black.


Morning all!

We’re child-free until this afternoon so we’re enjoying watching Sunday morning TV instead of whatever The Child demands on Netflix.

Watched Tenet last night. It was confusing and not in a good way. Also drank a load of nice beer.

Not quite sure what I’m doing with my free morning. I should probably do some work but I’ll probably put it to use playing DS3.

We’re making jambalaya tonight for tea.

Had a very enjoyable pub trip yesterday. Left at a sensible time too so I feel alright today. Just tired.

Pondering devouring the leftover pizza in the fridge.

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My mum’s coming soon, hoping she’ll be OK in the garden still as my brain is not ready for having her inside yet, somehow less intense and annoying in the garden

Other plans will probably mirror yesterday where M discovered Thriller on YouTube and watched the full length video 5 tines then the making of documentary followed by every single Michael Jackson video she could find :grimacing:


Morning all.

Heading out for a dog walk shortly, might even treat him to a three-parker as it’s set to be dry for the next few hours at least.

Not much else planned, maybe a little bike ride if it’s still dry after lunch and then watch the football later.

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Morning all :wave:

Not an awful lot to report: it’s cloudy here but probably dry enough for a walk. Feels like I should have something productive to do but there’s nothing I can do until we’ve given the plaster on our walls enough time to dry. By which time the weather will probably be glorious…

What fish you hoping to catch today ma man?!

Note to self: mirrored blinds

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Trout mainly (rainbow and tiger).

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fyi this picture made me go out and buy the exact same thing