Alright? Didn’t get enough sleep and now I’m tired but too awake to do anything about it. Got a day of tidying and cleaning ahead, might put a chilli in the slow cooker for a reward. What you got happening?

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Trying to decide if I’m still drunk


Gotta do some tidying, a bit of DIY, and playing football later. Not so bad eh!


Morning all!

Had a cooked breakfast. We’re watching Bluey.

We’re getting the train to Edinburgh for lunch later.


Must need a big plate.



find it really hard to get in the shower these days for some reason


Feeling very meh today. Ugh.

Off to a friend’s for a 3rd birthday party, which involves somosas apparently

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feeeling a bit poopypants

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Very little in the way of plans today. We were going to go to the park this morning, but it’s raining, so that’s out. I’ll probably just drink too much coffee instead

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Morning. Usual Sunday of sitting about, maybe a walk, some work and loads of washing…

V is making desperate pleas to out for lunch so maybe that.

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Just did my meditating in bed with a cat on my lap

Was hoping to bike this am but it is very wet, so I’m going to just get on with decorating jobs in the bedroom. Had some overly spicy takeaway Chow Mein last night and my guts are not too happy about it

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Might get out on the bike later but otherwise will be sitting at home playing computer games, for a change of pace


Morning all! Any idea what a vegan could buy for breakfast in Lidl? No hilarious ‘fruit’ suggestions plz.

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“What are we listening to?”


“Weren’t they a big thing in the 90s?”


“Then who am I thinking of?”

sighing “Hanson?”

“Oh yeah!”

Dr Mrs Epimer and I have been spending far too much time together



Had a rough sleep.

About to go food shopping.

Will walk the dog later.

That is pretty much it.

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What kind of breakfast? Been a while since ive been in a lidl tbh

Veggie sausages
In Scotland, they do the Simon Howie veggie breakfast packs i think which has sausages, square sausage and black pudding. But doubt they do them in England
Think they sometimes have those jusroll bake at home cinnamon roll/pain au chocolat things which are vegan.
And they have yer non-dairy milks, usually on shelves not fridge.

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The dog is using my head for a pillow which feels like some kind of metaphor for the enormous hangover that’s going to kick in any minute now

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Going to see Roisin Murphy tonight.

Otherwise :man_shrugging:


The frozen strudels are/were vegan for breakfast pudding.