🍨 Sunday

Morning all. How are you? Did you sleep well? Got much planned for the day?

It’s all very quiet in the CCB household. We got in just before 1am and the youngest is still asleep. Gonna get up and make a cooked breakfast in a bit. It’s looking sunny after yesterday’s deluge.

I have that nice relaxed feeling - was stressing a lot about yesterday but it was such fun and we made it there and back in one piece via trains and taxis, so it felt like a bit of an adventure.

Happy Sunday everyone :slight_smile:


Morning CCB, was just about to stsrt a thread.

No plans, gonna watch Rugby League Highlights and NFL later.

Probably tidy the kitchen, need to think about snackage and something for tea. (Though local indian is a slight possibility)

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Morning CCB, slept alright ta but I’m going to need a coffee before I’m up and ready.

Meant to be going to a family lunch today but we’re thinking about skipping it for a day at home, it’s been ages since we’ve had a proper Sunday sort of day. New plans might include putting some pictures up on the wall and watching films.

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Sleep? What’s that again?

Going to a friends’ to watch a bicycle race. If I can ever get this baby off my boob.


Morning CCB
Yes slept well and until 8! What a treat.

So nice to hear about your excellent day yesterday! Love it when everything comes together like that.

Quiet here too as V stayed at Mum’s last night. Except dog next door who is howling away…

Got to do some work, make a crumble, watch the football and maybe go for a wander.

Bonjour CCB and everyone else

We’re meeting friends at Hove Lagoon this morning, so we’ll grab a coffee at the Big Beach Cafe. Jimbo thinks he’s going to meet Fatboy Slim (after seeing the trailer for his current tour on YouTube), so we’re trying to tell him that he probably won’t be there. He’s not having any of it. My mum just phoned and he tried to have a conversation with her about Fatboy Slim.


Morning all and happy Sunday.

Had my tea and toast and watching match of the day with the dog sat on my lap.

Need to pop out and get something for my nan’s birthday (flowers and biscuits probably - standard old woman presents) and something for dinner tonight.

This afternoon, I’m going to change the tyres on my bike, buzz my hair and have a bath.


Had a nice lie in and I’m off to see the green knight later at the cinema

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Still for a niggly cough

Like crap. Youngest was up once every half an hour.

Just put all the ingredients for a beef casserole in the slow cooker, so let the do it’s magic. Might run around town doing things we never normally do. Alternatively, I might try and watch the cycling, but probably not.

Morning all!

Feeling mildly tired after a raucous two pints of Moretti and a can of sludge last night.

My browser still isn’t displaying properly so I struggle to like or upload things on mobile.

Wor Lass has arranged a play date this morning so we’ll be tidying and hoovering for our lives soon. She’s also spent an hour making an industrial sized stack of pancakes for toddler snacks.

Got tummy ache

Had a bizarre


in which I was on a big space station or something, did whatever I was supposed to do but it went wrong and half of the station blew up on an extreme scale, like a mushroom cloud hundreds of miles high into space. Then I basically had to make my way around whilst evading everyone else and Ant n Dec were involved somehow.

Woken up feeling anxious and panicky about my age and everything else

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Anglos a Sunday you beautiful humans.

Got a backwards facing seat in the train :nauseated_face: did not secure any chocolate for the journey either. Personal disaster levels all time high.

Wish I was staying in lahndahn a bit longer.


Got absolutely nothing to do today, what a time to be alive.


Eating frankfurters and we’ll take it from there

The cough and the crap sleep doesn’t sound good, but this bit sounds very good indeed

Safe travels!



thought it was a good idea to book a dutch lesson for a sunday morning. filled with regret

Feeling a bit fragile this morning :woozy_face: I’m prescribing three cups of coffee and four episodes of seinfeld though, should sort me out. Had some plans later but i’d be very surprised if i manage to get off the sofa today.


Morning all! Stayed in bed till gone nine and finished my book this morning, and then had a stack of pancakes covered with apple and blueberry jam for breakfast. Was v nice. Got to do some work in a bit, then if it stays nice out I’m going to test my hamstring with a gentle run. Going to make a coconut curry pie for tea, so might contribute to the Sunday lunch thread later if it turns out alright.

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