It is Sunday again.

Waiting for the wife to get up so I can go for my first run since I had the brutal cold that’s going around. Should be interesting as my legs feel fucked.

Got lunch for my dad’s birthday later.

Then self esteem tonight.

Still in bed, got to:

Drink my tea
Get up
Make a tasty breakfast
Go to collect an order from next and pop into m and s Chippenham for some tasty treats.
Do some work based risk assessments
Watch big match
Cook roast potatoes and rest of dinner
Big match
Maybe that Harder they Come film.

Morning all!

I’ve been informed we’re having a day where we bake treats and hide treasure in the house, so that should be fun. The Child is getting her hair done so I’ll use that time to plan my class for tomorrow morning.

I was going to do pork burritos for tea but Wor Lass isn’t keen so I might do something out of GRT.

Mogwai tonight.

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Morning. I bake pain au chocolat but there are no photos as I ate them

Doing some tidying. Usual shite. New washing machine

number 6 pls

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That’s a decent breakfast but @Gnometorious hasn’t opened the thread for today’s meals yet.


Going to work in a minute

Just did Junior ParkRun, then stopped for croissants on the way home. I’ve got a fairly lazy morning then this afternoon / evening it’s Mutations Festival, headlined by BEAK> and Anna Meredith. Looking forward to seeing a few bands with @grievoustim

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Just killing time til the Argyle game on TV then probably do some sitting down I reckon.

Got a baby strapped to me, as is life now. Reading my book, listening to banging techno.

Might go to Dunelm later :upside_down_face:


Taking eldest to a birthday party later. Was at one all day yesterday. Wtf is this?! Kids birthday parties all the time #pleasestop #whydouhavefriends?

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Off to Mutations today, couple of other DISers going too. Lots of bands to see so it might get hectic. Day off work tomorrow so pretty hyped

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I also just nailed week 4 day 2 of the 100 press up challenge after about 4 failed attempts, so I’m pretty pleased with myself RN


Walking to work makes me realise why I hate working Sundays. Kids out doing family stuff or team sports, people paddling canoes in the river, lots of nice doggos around. Sundays are a day for a change of pace and enjoying yourself, I’ll be stuck in a shop.

Whine over


In a cafe in vauxhall, there’s only 2 seats free and this guy ain’t budging off his to let us sit down.

And I am more than OK with that :sparkling_heart:


Used to get this when I worked 6pm-3am on Sundays at the pub. Walking past loads of houses with everyone settling in for the night in front of the TV or cooking roasts. Really hated it.

Simon Rimmer is sometimes still pissed/hungover
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lovely weather: want to go outside
Hangover: never want to see the real world ever again


I’m quite irritable this weekend. Not sleeping well hasn’t helped. Spent yesterday sorting the garden for the winter which was nice.

Switching out my office with the baby room today, as the TV starts parental leave on Wednesday. Might have a nap in the afternoon too, it’s pissing down outside.