Been for a mooch at the farm shop this morning. Came back and took doggo for a walk and have just chucked a joint of beef in the slow cooker.

Gonna try and give the back lawn a mow and then relax for the rest of the day.

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I’ve just put together all of the work my class tomorrow morning are doing using a Masterchef skills test video and a clip of a man talking about sharks.

Can’t believe I’m about to mow the lawn on a cold, windy November day basically so that the dog has a nicer surface to do his shitting on.

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correct answer 2pm to 3pm, just as my sausages were ready. fucks sake.

Are you at Vauxhall City Farm? My friend used to manage that and I once helped bottle feed some lambs. Was amazing.


The first prepackaged sandwich in shops was made by M&S in 1980

  • I knew that
  • I didn’t know that but I’m not arsed
  • I didn’t know that and I find it mildly interesting

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And they were made by hand in people in shops. There was an interesting guardian long read about the evolution of prepackaged sarnies about 18mths ago.

We had a sluice room in an old shop we called the cucumber room as that’s where they sliced the cucumbers for the sandwiches


I am. Didn’t know there was a cuddle corner and was absolutely ecstatic when we got to cuddle the guinea pigs and a brilliant rabbit, not usually a rabbit fan but he was very cool.

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Found it quite interesting to hear how horrified some American tourists have been about pre packaged sandwiches when I’ve taken them on tours. “Why would you eat something you haven’t seen made”. Which I’m fully on board with really but didn’t know that maybe it’s not really a thing in the states? Is it? Idk.


Carrie and Miranda eat pret pre-made sandwiches in the first sex and the city film.

So based on this, YES it is a thing.

…No idea really. Apologies for this useless fact.


Do we know where @aboynamedgoo has gone then? I want to know whether he is visiting my homeland or not.

A bit longer than 18mths ago…

yeah it was in 1980

So many penis candles on etsy. I don’t want a penis-shaped candle.

I’m sat at the ferry port waiting to board the ferry back to UK. I’ve packed up all my stuff ready for it to be picked up by the movers on Wednesday. Get the keys to my new flat tomorrow. Feel quite emotional :cry:


Hey you, sending you lots of hugs :hugs: xxxxx (sorry about the hug emoji)


Couple next to me on the train snogging loudly.

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What is your homeland?

Guess where I am right now