Sunday 🌧

What are you all up to on this rainy* sunday

*whichever weather pattern your area is currently experiencing

I’ve lost a slipper :frowning:

Mrs gone to dancey seminar

I booked our hol yday so gonna spend day planning that more. Gonna order a pizza. Workout. Play a vidya game. Hang with lovely cats. This one and I are currently listening to Barry White:


Morning all.

No big plans today. Weather is so mingling the dog took one look at it and nopes out hard when I tried to let him into the garden to wee.

GF is volunteering at a theatre show tonight so may watch a film or finish s2 of the mandalorian. Probably end up just slaying the Spire.

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I’m going to see Jane Weaver with @grievoustim later. Just to confirm, we’ll be watching - he’s not the support

Until then though :man_shrugging:


Load of work

Load of football

Yorkshire pudding day too @Gnometorious for your dinner thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


All my plans are food based, please see Sunday Dinner Thread for details

Hey everyone

Made some :mushroom: tea and watched a couple of films last night, it was awesome :man_in_lotus_position::exploding_head:

Jane Weaver later with @rob.orch. Gonna get lunch (hopefully a pub roast) with my son too


Made the family porridge for breakfast. Now watching Encanto with the kids. Might try and get some time to myself later, maybe do a walk. Dunno. Bit fed up really.

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It’s absolutely pissing it down and my man’s out there playing golf so reckon he’ll be grumpy later

Luckily we’re booked in to go bowling with my family straight after!!! (I had to organise something in order to see my nephew)


hanging out my arse


Using a balance bath bomb this morning to “bring focus and calm to your mind, help remove unwanted thoughts and tension” then I’m making Focaccia which I read takes about 3 hours ha

I spent ages getting my bike rideable yesterday (washed, wheels and tyres off, removed old rim tape from one wheel (took ages due to sticky bits), put on new tape, trued wheel, fitted new tyre on front, and put the old front on the back, check over gears, brakes and forks) - but it’s far too windy and grim to go riding

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Jesus I’m hungover.


Where you yholling

Got a few different weeks planned

Visiting family in Corsica - April

Cruise around Greece/Montenegro - august

Germany (cities tbc) October


Love a bit of foccacia!

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Just lining up my first hol as well! To … Newcastle


Had a fucking great time in revolution de Cuba last night by the way after my moaning yesterday

Giving up on craft beer and chin stroking and getting into shots, ching with the lads and dancing to shite music


Should probably get out of bed. Think I’m going to do a cooked breakfast. Hope the weather clears up a bit so I can go for a walk this afternoon. Need to do the hoovering, too