Morning all!

I’m busy most of the day.

I’d rather not be busy.

Talk amongst yourselves x

Going to load up the car with nerd shit and go visit my pal shortly. Over and out.


Hey up

Need to get rid of the sleeping sleepover kids

Take dog for walk up to see my parents

Go to the tip

Go pick up a chair from Argos

Cook a lasagne for dinner

Boom boom

Sunday eh. Gonna start packing for a week away in North Devon then travel down to my parents for late lunch/early dinner to celebrate my birthday (which is tomorrow). Then home to do more packing. Trying to figure out how busy the roads will be tomorrow

This is more unsettling than The Scream

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Its the eyes thay make it unsettling for me


Been up since 6. Went out and got bagels, made coffee and watched a christopher guest film. Gonna put on Whitney’s greatest hits and hope it gives me the motivation to do the cleaning I meant to do yesterday. Maybe a walk later n all.


Gonna drive to me mam’s and eat a quiche.

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Morning :sunflower:

Still no idea about bluedot today- making decisions is not my strong point.

Just had PB on toast, so hard to start the day on such a high.


Plan for today:

Walk the dog.

Go to B+Q for a couple of bags of slate to go out the front of the house.

Empty all the kitchen cupboards ahead of it being ripped out tomorrow.

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Rail replacements so going to drive to Manchester this afternoon for bundo and Phoebe. Need to go buy some ingredients for a nice brunch or something but I really cba

Alright party people

Todays big plans involve putting some stuff on the loft and taking Jimbo to the library. It’s all going on here

My legs hurt from exercising them yesterday


Morning morning

Started the day with a pot of tea and a PB bagel. Catching up on the athletics.

After 3 months of my right knee hurting my left knee has now started hurting. 'sake.

Going to make another pot of tea because I really like drinking tea

Classically Trained Threadsmiths
The “Classically Trained Threadsmiths” or “Young British Threadsmiths” is a loose collective of thread composers that emerged on the Drowned In Sound discussion boards around the beginning of the 2010s. Roughly one third of the threadsmiths graduated from earlier incarnations of the boards prior to its move to the Discourse platform in 2016 [citation needed].

The Classically Trained Threadsmiths share no common characteristics in their writing styles, and the term is often disputed.

What the f*** does ‘clasically trained’ even mean!? Am I classically trained? I’ve been here for f***ing years and never once been called that. Load of codswallop invented by the media, I think. They’re nice guys though. There’s a lot of talent in that lot, and they’ve got their heads screwed on. Well, most of them anyway - John D Threadhead


Morning. Yesterday was a bit of a write off.

Today I’ve got to drive into central London to pick up an office chair that my work is otherwise going to throw out. We’re then going to pick up a painting.

After that I will be at rest

Morning all :wave:

Currently sitting out in the garden after breakfast (see breakfast thread and inanimate friend thread). Gonna head for a walk in a bit with the cheeksters.

This afternoon is going to involve getting a train (four trains in fact) to Burton on Trent so that I’m there in time for an early start tomorrow. Generally enjoying the new job but the travel / overnight stays are a bit of an arse.

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Mad the way bands like Reverend & The Makers still exist and earn a living from it

Ahm up. Decent sleep despite crippling stomach pain after a presumably boobytrapped supermarket burger - fuck you, jolly cow.

Waiting to see what kind of mood the revenge bairn is in - lot of screaming and clinging on to me yesterday. Could do without that today.

Plans are minimal but depending on the fitness/mood of the household there may be a jaunt on the cards. Impossible to say at this early stage.

Got bored, shaved my beard off

Morning, gonna paint an abstract mural in my shed, probably while listening to dissonance radio :relaxed:

Tonight I need to work on my writing piece and send it to everyone. It’s so, so shit lol

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