Sunday πŸŒ»πŸ‘’

Anglos! :wave: Have given up on sleep. Already counting down to an afternoon nap. Nice peaceful day ahead, got a hash brown craving I’d like to satisfy. Dinner and gig tonight :yum:

Any nice plans?

Any hash browns on the horizon?

Any cravings?


Holly’s home! She turned up meowing her little head off about quarter to two. I’ve had a rubbish night’s sleep but I’m so pleased she’s back. She was STARVING, but she’s stayed close since she got home, so I think she’s pleased to be back too



Been up since 4.30 :disappointed_relieved: and holding off having a coffee in case I get the chance to go back to bed at any point.

Going to venture out today as there’s a street market with some DJs and stuff nearby we’re going to check out, and it’s the first day in over a week we aren’t expecting any guests.

Craving a proper strong coffee shop flat white and an intensely sugary almost croissant.

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I’m in Whitstable



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Morning :wave:

I’ve never made hash browns but I fancy making some now.

Currently sat up in bed, but the plans are to have a cooked breakfast and then walk to Sheringham from here. Have a mooch around and get the train back, and have fish and chips for dinner.

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Omg i want to be there


Not enough sleep, about to do a shift swap with the wife to allow her to go nap.

Plans are absolutely minimal. Might have to go to a shop to pick up a pokemon toy for the boy. Might try to get both weans out of the house just to keep them busy.

The possibilities are literally quite limited.


Quite hungry, so think we have eggs and avo on toast for breakfast. Then a mooch round a park before heading home. Lovely day yesterday

Hey up …been awake since half six :person_shrugging:

Still in bed though, radio and reading the guardian

Completely no plans for today. So nice.


I’m having a bagel with marmite on

Today I’m going to pick up office furniture stuff and do a big ish supermarket shop while I’ve got a car club car. Then as much home office / music gear set-up as I can handle

Will be trying to pin down my son to do something or other too

Up since 6.30 as it’s my wife’s turn to lay in, just hanging with a happy little bubs as they potter around banging stuff and dropping heavy objects on my toe

Park for a picnic with the rents later, minimal hash browns to report though unfortunately

Aaron Paul was on holiday there the other week

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Ahh that’s great news she’s home!


Hiiiii. Parents woke me up at 8am when I was looking forward to a big lie in, thanks for that! Nae plans for today apart from cleaning myself and my room :yawning_face:

On the tennis court at 8am #dedicated
Now off to some tournament thing with the kid. Too many beers last night tbh tbf

Assuming almost means almond

I did this yesterday, would recommend

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Just off to work. Hope you’re all happy with yourselves.

Jesus fucking Christ. Feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, been drinking like I’m on an 18-30 in magaluf this week.
Shit got really weird, think I kissed my mate for some reason and someone took a real dislike to me and was loudly slagging me off to anyone that would listen. Owner of the bar tried to throw me out i just said no and then he apologised and we did a few shots.
Wish I was back in Edinburgh so someone was stroking my hair and looking after me.
In conclusion, help