Sunday 🐝


Morning. Today is not my Sunday at all as I’m off to work in an hour. Thought I’d better start a thread so I’ll have somewhere to moan about it for the rest of the day.

How is YOUR Sunday?


Bringeth your hangover unto me for I am the hangover man


alright? Mates coming round at 11 - gonna clean the shower and maybe try to get some food in.


sitting in front of my computer for 8-10 hours \o/




Going hiking today. Too tired.


do need to go and buy a season pass for my train communte for the next month. anybody here done it? questions: can i do it at any station? i need a photo yes? is it a terrible idea to do it on a monday morning?


Yes to all three


Did you win ?


Morning. My eyes are freaking out, but the local pharmacy is closed on Sunday and the only one I can walk to (not safe to drive right now) opens at 11, so I’m going to lie here being really uncomfortable for a few hours.


I did not. I went 3-1 and was fourth going into eliminations, then my deck shat the bed and I went straight out.

Had fun, though.


Unlucky dude, happens to the best. Next time.


Was 8am too early for a cheese and pickle sandwich?


Morning. Debating attempting Glastonbury tickets. I’m too old and have left on Saturday the last two times we’ve been, but if the weather’s good, I always regret not being there.


Where are you hiking to/from? Will be fine once you get going.


i made a sausage sarnie with gruyere


Not sure I’m down with saus n cheese man.


up to get Glasto tickets. cba


If you’re only getting a monthly zones Oyster you don’t need a photo. You can get one at machines and you can do it today so it starts tomorrow.


nah, national rail