Got a really early football match. Then going to watch football and watch American football and maybe tidy the flat.
4/10 hungover - worsened by fatigue after football and a bike ride yesterday


Still in bed but pondering over a trip to the gym. Heading to loch lomond for a wee overnight later.

Should be good but I’m already fearing the price of the pints in the hotel, eep.

yo. was asleep by 9pm last night. up at 4.30am this morning. body clock is fucked, man

might go and watch one of my friends play 11-a-side in a bit. other than that, got a few bits n bobs to sell on gumtree/ebay

gonna make a superb veg cuzza later

urgh yeah. so hard to motivate yourself to do stuff after work when it’s already pitch black

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It’s the good one where you get more sleep though isn’t it?

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you should go maverick and not put the clocks back

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Hello, friends. In the office innit before DiS footy later.

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morning champ. man…you spend a lot of time in the office!

I think we’ve played football together once. maybe…

what’s your position? I’m gonna take a punt on CM/ACM

We have once yeah.

My career trajectory has followed the Alan Smith path of going from being a hard working striker who doesn’t score to a defensive midfielder who can’t tackle.

sweet man. have a good game

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Trying to catch up on some sleep after barely sleeping Friday night then getting up at 6am yesterday to then spend most of yesterday driving BUT there some to be a constant stream of people using the bathroom and slamming the front door (I only live with one other person)…

Cheers pal

Brussels has destroyed me. Woke up on the bathroom floor this morning. Pray for me DiS, and send coffee too :coffee::coffee::coffee:

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Hey DIS. Got the kids on a Sunday for a change. Already done cooked breakfast (bacon, fried leftover mash, eggs, cherry tom’s) - doing a roast for lunch

Got wicked bad anxiety triggered by work and some niggling stuff with an ex.

Hopefully get out for a bike ride later on which will hopefully help a bit - weather is pretty rubbish though

Hey kids

Gonna grab a shower and then cook a full English with my housemate.

Feels like there’ll be a fair amount of football today via BT Sport and Xbox FIFA.

This is adult life.

Have a great Sunday!

this is amazing


Aww does he wear a little baby shirt and tie for work?


Oh it’s a whopper innit?

I’ve never heard a louder band live. Was painful at moments. Tiny venue helped or didn’t help depending on your outlook.

Literally took me 5 minutes to get this

but what a payoff!!