Please enjoy your day responsibly.


Gonna see a load of mid tier vaguely psych bands with @guntrip all afternoon


Think I might be cooking up a pedal plan with a pal.

Currently having a cawfee

Nice! Who’s on?


At work. I’m on standby, so unless anything goes wrong, I’m planning on sitting outside a cafe in the sun for a few hours.

Though some clashes ofc


Weather ain’t too great today so good excuse to sit in the pub all day and watch the football :grinning:


I think we’re going to look at carpets, tiles and paint today and then I’m going to clean the bathroom

You go to a pub on your own and have three pints. As you leave you hear a barmaid say “oh my god he’s leaving”. You turn around like “?” and see the barlads looking elsewhere like :no_mouth: as though “you said that too loud”.

  • Wtf
  • Can’t help freaking people out if you just go the pub on your own for some reason even though you keep yourself to yourself mostly reading stuff on your phone. Maybe that’s the problem, they think you’re Jeffrey Dahmer
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Up watching moana with the bairn, only for the fortieth time this week. A much better film than frozen.

Feel about 300% better today.

Which is a good job as i suspect there will be a lot of potty training incidents today. Already been a few.


Morning beauties

Sun is out, going to take dog for walk before it’s too hot then do least possible amount of work remaining to be ready for tomorrow :disappointed: and then going to see Frankie Boyle in Bristol.

Can’t believe summer is back in business (love it)

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Insane dreaming between the hours of 8 and 8:30. One of those situations where you kind of drift off for a short amount of time and have vivid, very long dreams.

In the dreams, I kept waking up and realising I was late for work and my WFH computer was just on and staring angrily at me. Also, I remembered the time I’d starred in a Channel 4 sitcom with Black Midi?

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On my way to Edinburgh with a danish and a big coffee.

Might sharpen my kitchen knives.

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Lovely morning out.

Saw a couple of the southern cemetery parrots flying around the Withington hospital car park. Not seen them this far up before. Smudge didn’t appreciate their song though.

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make sure you see sorry

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Lovely sunny day to be slightly hungover. Gonna sand the stairs and prep for a job interview tomorrow.

Morning all!

Sun is out in the NE, am walking the dog and planning a bbq. Need to do some work, also get a chapter written for Birds in Northumbria 2022 which I’ve been putting off for a while.

Found a new dog walking route from the house, quite pleased about that!


This scene is fucking perfect

Miquita Oliver was only 16 when she started presenting Popworld in 2001

  • :astonished:
  • :woman_shrugging:
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