Morning all,

Got married on Friday, had a really incredibly special day and have been slowly coming back to reality over the last day or so. Today is going to involve very little - a walk out in the sun, take our son to the park, pub trip, and generally enjoy not having an endless list of things to organise.

We’re slightly regretting not having booked any kind of break (we’re going to do a honeymoon later in the year) and feeling a little aimless now it’s all over, so have decided to go and stay up in Liverpool this coming week as a family member has a flat there we can stay in.


Oooo will you be there on Saturday? I thought they opened the buldings here this Sat but its actually next week (but srill cant make it as i have a tour).

Think youll enjoy this (you have to walk to the island amd time it with the tides)

This is Hilbre…

Also, if you’ve never been to the catholic cathedral, you’ll absolutely love it. Some amazing doors by William Mitchell and proper cool interior. Then up at the other cathedral you can walk through a wee tunnel made of graveystones

(If you have a nosey on the heritage open days website there’s some decent stuff opening - you can do a tour of the mersey tunnels and that which you usually can but i think its free this weekend)

Oh and i think it might be the last wekeend of the liverpool biennial


Organising the flat.

Not procrastinating at all :eyes: (need to write a presentation for an interview on Wednesday)

M is watching a minecraft YouTube and the characters have very very not fine names Monga and Mongolina Youtubers are the worst

Oh wow this looks amazing, thanks! I don’t think we’ll still be there by the weekend unfortunately. Still haven’t done the cathedral though so we’ll definitely go there. Will probably see the Turner exhibition at the Tate, is there anything else of the Biennale that’s meant to be worth seeing?

You can go to the island anytime btw, but the buildings arent usually open. Dont know if that makes any difference really.

Not actually made it to the Biennial except a piece that’s in one of the buildings i work in. Was hoping to get to time a visit with my induction at uni but think it’ll be too late. I like the look of the sculpture

If you do end up being there at the weekend then might be worth getting on the waitlist for this

And there’s a tour of the public art
LB2023 Public Work Tour #3 - Liverpool Biennial but these are the outdoor locations…
Screenshot_20230903_115644_Samsung Internet

If you like cocktails then head to Petit Coin

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Don’t think there’s a better suited thread for this so it’s going in here: it’s absolutely incredible how many posts there are in /r/AskHistorians along the lines of “how did people deal with this particular illness/injury/condition before the present day treatment options were available?”

They died, Brad. They died.


:grinning: thanks! :pray:

Morning/afternoon all

We had a big exhausting day so I got up today at 10:30am and have been lying on my ass doing fuck all ever since. Now I realise I’ve wasted quite a lot of the day so I’m gonna get up and eat and do some cleaning and go to town and come home and make the tea and go to book club and maybe just maybe when we come back we’ll have time for a little sit and read and relax.

Weather’s nice innit

Hope u all having a nice day

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What book you clubbin

Under The Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta, I haven’t had time to read it. I’m gonna go along mainly for cake and chat and if the prevailing consensus is good then I’ll put it on the to-read list.

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Book club done right

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Now entered genuine insanity era of inebriety: the eggbox today contains the eggs… minus the shells. So the eggs have been cracked and poured into their location in the eggbox.

Vine Wtf GIF

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Built a flat pack sofa bed. Swore a LOT. The instructions were shit


Huge congratulations ma man :kissing_heart:

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Should have stayed in sunny Glasgow


Fucking hell it’s warm, my shins are sweating

Ended up seeing some folk jumping off St Paul’s artistically and a having a pretty great Thai meal.

Had vague plans to try and make the afternoon show at Cafe Oto just so I could say I’d seen Richard Youngs and ABBA on the same day. Too hot, so having a pint beside a canal instead. Getting psyched for the main event.


Saw this on Friday evening. Was alright.


Look at my mate


Went for a long walk along the Bristol Channel, was nice. Lots of birds up on the highland, think they might have been skylarks but who knows?

That’s Cardiff under the clouds in the bottom pic, did wave at Ruffers but I don’t know if he saw me