Sup Sunday crew!

I’m up early to cycle over to Surrey and swim in the river :man_swimming::mushroom:


Similarly up early for exercise, to squeeze in a training run for a half marathon in a few weeks before it’s even more obscenely warm.

Very deliberately doing nothing for the rest of the day.



I can’t wait til I’ve made it over to Surrey and can spend the day being a tipsy mermaid

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(Getting train back)

Sounds like a lovely day tilty.

M’s uncle and cute baby cousin are dropping in to see us. His partner is intense and she’s also terrified of cats so i imagine creepy Fig is going to spice things up a fair bit.

Might go back to sleep for a bit, second sleep is always the best.

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Whereabouts in Surrey. Have fun.

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Going for a swim in Britain’s oldest lido and then to a theatrical walking tour. Bit CBA as didn’t sleep well at all

Think getting a sri lankan takeaway for tea though


Morning all :wave:

Slept okay - the policy of curtains open, windows open (and then shutting the curtains in the early hours) seems to work well.

The eldest wants to go round the Heritage Open Day events in town but we’re trying to minimise the trudging in the heat. So there’ll be a compromise plan involving a picnic. Dishoom chicken thighs for dinner later :blush:

Think I’m on night 8 in a row with less than 6 hours sleep and already giving up on the idea of doing anything today.

Spent 20 mins looking up Sunak’s family ties to the Indian oil industry which is refining Russian oil then selling it to us, following his weird comments about climate change at the G7. Now I just wish I didn’t care as it’s all dark af.

I’ve tried this a few times but there’s always some noisy idiot or a car driving waaaay too fast or a fox howling.

Foxes are the worst overnight noise.

I assume you’ve tried earplugs?

I’ve been biting my tongue on this but have any of you seen those Amazon Books ads on the train or social media? Genuinely the most offensively atrocious visual design I’ve ever seen. They look just awful.


It has just started raining, so enjoying a bit of fresh air through the patio doors.

Going out for a pub roast at lunch time.

Morning, second night of sleeping on the sofa bed due to it being a little cooler than upstairs it’s so warm upstairs that the toilet duck disc has turned to gloop.

What do you think you’re doing? Only me and Garth get to talk to the camera!


Morning morning

Slept for nine and a half hours last night. Woke up damp. Hate that feeling.

We will put up a massive inflatable in the garden and fill it with water today. We have two electric pumps that we didn’t test for a long time. What can go wrong?


Whole lot of nothing until the afternoon. Read a bit, sit in the park a bit, tidy up a bit. Lovely lazy day

Then hopefully off to another beach art event if the weather doesn’t go to shit by then (50/50 chance on that one)

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Slept like garbage due to hot and a big loud storm in the night. Gonna lounge around a bit then go over to my parents and convince them to get the bbq out.

Got mugged off by a comet between the hours of 4 and 5 this morning.

Supposed to be going to the pub at some point but I’m not sure I can bring myself to do anything other than lying around waiting for the sweet release of a thunderstorm.


Ill Be Back Jim Carrey GIF