Not quite as hungover as yesterday thankfully. Need to tidy my flat today but can’t quite shift out of bed. hbu? Plans?


Might get mcDs


Slept alright in the end last night cause the second half of ‘sinister’ turned out to be a bit naff.

Nipped down the cafe and got some breakfast sandwiches, got the lads to clean my car whilst I waited. Baby in the jumperoo, she’s having a great time. Mate coming over for a cuppa in a bit, he’s gonna drop off some contraption to help soft the crap out of the soil for our mythical veg patch. If little one sleeps this afternoon I might try and replace my turntable motor, then got sis coming over for roast and we’re gonna watch ‘it follows’.

Have good Sunday’s me ol’ chums.


my head feels like a block of cement. visited my sister yesterday, she’s getting married after being with her bf for less than a year, hmmmm. also meant i didn’t get to meet tilly yesterday ;_;

today i need to figure out how to use illustrator/draw a fairly convincing map.


Doing some laundry and some hoovering / general tidying. Might clean the car.

Will watch the West Ham game in a bit (we’ll probably lose) and do some reading.

Also left my phone charger at my friend’s place so I need to pick that up at some point.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


Makers Market in Didsbury today, so I’m going to walk down and get some pie and cake for lunch.

I’ve got a project thingy to do for a Coursera MOOC, which is pretty straightforward, I just need to motivate myself to do it.


Just managed to break the needle on the record player whilst dusting it. Doh!


Feel rubbish. Slept for nearly 12 hours and still feel too tired. Really should see a doctor about this, it’s happening too frequently.

Today I will be attempting to avoid doing chores, and maybe crack out a board game that doesn’t need too much thinking.


Enjoyed John Carpenter last night- the film clip projections really made it a great gig. Breakfast at Common done and dusted and now on the train waiting to head back to London. Copy of titanfall 2 in my bag so will have something to occupy me when I get in.


just made myself some bacon and egg (mc)muffins, sitting down with a coffee now to sort out my fantasy NFL team, got Louder Than Bombs on, life is good

gonna go to the shops in a bit to get stuff to make that lamb & orzo stew someone recommended on here ages ago which is now a firm favourite

gonna watch shitloads of NFL today and have a couple of beers I reckon (y)


Really rough. Off Monday and Tuesday thoughm might go for a beer


this extra hour has not helped me get out of bed, I planned to get lunch but then I remembered I had a walnut whip so can continue not getting out of bed


Pork, Brie and Cranberry pie, followed by Treacle Toffee Apple Muffin. Excellent.


Disastrously hungover and got a 5 hour coach journey ahead of me :’( #prayfortillance.


I went for a failed run and now I’m back writing an essay. going to see I, Daniel Blake later with my coursemates and my boyfriend.


I don’t even have a carrier bag to vom in to


Currently having a quick lunch at my parents’ house. Then back to my flat for some Netflix. I’m watching Luke Cage and Glitch. Then it’s a PJ Harvey gig later.


NFL, The Smiths and cooking.

ESA should use this post next time someone asks what the boards are about.


I’m a huge fan of Ken Loach’s films but not necessarily all his views. I, Daniel Blake is a great film. It’s bleak, well acted and very emotional. “Enjoy” the film. Have a great evening.


My team got smashed (10 men against a team in the league above). I scored an absolute worldie though - skinned the defender then megged the keeper so I’m satisfied #worldie #goodfeetforabigman