SUNDAY! I’ve got a hangover. Went to see Margaret Glaspy last night, she was proper amazing. Then drank a tonne of gin.


Woke up at 6 naturally and just watched some anime in my bed :sob: Going to have the cake I made yesterday for breakfast: ginger chocolate chip and it’s vegan and pretty good actually. Cut out all meat and dairy and I still eat eggs but I try not to. Have been cutting stuff out slowly so I don’t go from zero to 100 and quit and it has been working :smile: haven’t had meat or dairy for 9 months now and honestly it’s so good, there are so many options nowadays and this cake was made with stuff at home, no weird powders or egg substitutes

Last time I tried to follow a vegan diet in 2008 I failed after 3 days


That looks great. Well done on all the Vegan-y stuff too


morning all. not much on today. might watch some pals play 11’s in a bit. might not

should probably clean the house. should definitely get some washing on the line


This will cheer you all up…


is it just me or does it look like Farage is making some sort of obscene gesture?


Trying to do the “Shocker” but failing.


A bit hung over after yesterday’s rugby watching. Trying to decide if I can be bothered popping into the city centre to buy some new clothes.


Just woke up. Might go back to sleep.


Huh. Looks like I’ve lost my voice. Useful.


dunno what to do today


How can anyone like Farage? His face looks like a rubber frog that’s been stretched too far. Literally the most punchable face on tv, not even taking into account his politics


I sure hope this is bants


I briefly thought that was a baked potato with nutella on and my mind was blown at the possibility


You now have your mission for today, should you choose to accept it.


Oh yeah I was living with @Bird in a dream I had yesterday


Need to do epic cleaning / tidying / reorganisation of my flat today but I’m still in my bed.

My downstairs neighbours who have very much not been coping with having 3 under 5s in their 2 bedroom flat have decided that the only sensible thing to do is add a puppy to the mix. All I can hear is chaos.


might do an initial test of using it as a condiment with chips


weird coincidence this just came up on my feed


didn’t even get four hours sleep last night. might be going to the pub with some dogs, though, so it’s fine.