I’m so ill. And heading out to a nerdy card game tournament anyway. I am in no fit state to do this.

Hope you have a restful and less snot-filled Sunday than me.


Still in bed


Gonna sit around all day watching sport and eating quality street


wide awake and it’s 3:30am. no good


Don’t know if I’m gonna get out of bed at all today.


This, except jaffa cakes instead of Quality Street.


Fuck it, gonna do a mediocre workout and then sit in the sauna at the gym for an hour


Morning all. Are people still saying Anglos A Sunday?

Nothing major to report. Going to take the girls for a walk in the rain as we all need some fresh air. Might pop out for lunch somewhere after.


I feel broken this morning despite not drinking booze yesterday. Not sure I’m ill or just sore because of football yesterday.

Toast with bramble jelly for breakfast. There’s got to be a jam rating thread in the works.


Feel better for not drinking last night but had a restless nights sleep…

Was suppose to be going to London later but I’m now off to Bedford to catch up with a group of friends rather than just the one.

Going to stick the kettle on :coffee:


Morning all. No hangover here but I feel in a really lazy mood. Need to tidy, do some prep for an interview and start getting ready for a flat move. Oh and try to write a DiS Christmas song. Not sure I can be bothered for any of it atm and we’ve run out of tea and coffee :fearful:


I’ve made a huge mistake.


Going clothes shopping with my mum which means I won’t have to pay, love when that happens


can you run away?


Just finishing off season 2 of The West Wing, things are getting interesting.


Rate your hangover

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  • Nebraska
  • Born to Run

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just need some fanta exotic and then i’ll be fine


Feeling fairly tip top! Though there’s no way I’m going out for a run (its raining out).


Yeah, I played in one round then dropped out. Can’t do it. Not today.


Still got a cold. Always so amazed by how much snot a body can produce.

Waiting to see fantastic beasts etc. Realised too late it breaches my 90 minute film rule. Might have a nap if it gets too much…