what’s happening?


Not much. Need to pack for heading back to my folks for Christmas tomorrow.

Need to get some food for lunch on the train tomorrow. M&s have given me a 5 quid voucher for my birthday which is nice eh. So probably use that.

Might go pick up the tickets so I’m not faffing around tomorrow.

Looking forward to the apprentice final.


about three hours sleep. rest of it wincing in pain. might pop out in a min for some ibuprofen and milk.



must have pressed the wrong reply, sorrry unlucky.


I’ll let you off this once due to the injury and lack of sleep.


glad this is not a picture of an actual ballache



Who can i complain to about how shit my bus route is? Anyone got sadiq’s email address?


Feeling less hungover today definitely. That’s a good thing.

Not sure what I’m gonna do today. Might go and watch some ice hockey.


Having a lot of wine drunkenness/carnage regret from last night. Meant to be meeting a friend but I feel quite fragile (partly my feet from wearing heels, mostly my head from :wine_glass: ) and fancy a bed day.


time to face facts.

Tea is better than coffee.


They’re both great man. Coffee makes me start the day right, tea keeps me going through it. (Then booze ruins it)


Tried to fetch my work shoes from the office. It’s padlocked shut on a Sunday, apparently. Nice waste of an hour there.

Need to buy shoes now, but nowhere’s open till 11.

Still got a lot of work to do. Have a splitting headache due to, I assume, not having eaten enough in the last 24 hours, but I don’t have any appetite anyway.

I think I might hate living in this house.

I’ve been in better moods, tbqfhtbf.



Dreading the family Christmas party. None of my all time favourite cousins will be there so I’ll end up drinking budwiser and chatting awkwardly with farmer uncles.


Been working from home :frowning:
Not sure if I should…

  • Go for a run
  • Stay in pyjamas and have a hot drink

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The hot drink in my vote is a mulled wine.


ugh drinking again already


not good for ya, pal


I know, finding it hard to breathe sometimes now…too much alcohol every day