Going to the gym then out for breakfast and then to a pizza party with my old school friends where we’ll do presents etc. Work Christmas party tomorrow too and another one later in the week December makes me actually leave my room and see people


Got in at 2am last night. Fucking trains. The Wildhearts were ace though.

Working this morning, then going for food and drinks at a work mates house, then a quiz in the evening.


Some people abstain from alcohol altogether in January do you think you could do that? As people seem to do that after all the xmas/nye boozing you’d have support!


can’t seem to go a day without at the moment, guess alcoholism is a real thing


get some water in you and out for a run


Sorry bam that might have come across as condescending but I did not mean it to, I don’t drink so I’ve got no idea ignore me! I hope it gets better for you and what ericthefourth has said sounds good


DiS has spoken…


ah that wasn’t a sarcastic response to you, sorry if it came across that way. I’m going to have to try and do something soon though you are right.


I’m going to the gym for the first time in a month, I’ve not been due to injuries and work. I feel very unfit.


Going round an ATD’s house for food/Christmas cheer this arvo.


Doing some baking :cookie:


Ooo, whatcha baking there?


gonna stay in my room all day watching football, gonna be good


368, 368, 368


Just about summoned up the courage to mark some mock exams for a class I teach part-time. The Elliott Smith thread has got me listening to his self-titled album which is making it bearable.


Our album got mentioned on t’radio last night in a rundown of Irish albums you might have missed this year. Nice one.

Off out for brunch in a minute, then might go to a Pauline Oliveros retrospective afternoon.


I’m at the gym. Done 40 minutes on a bike but now my headphones have died. Need to keep motivated.


enjoying this lovely slice of sax


Considering how much booze I drank yesterday I feel remarkably good.
Gonna have some lunch and then maybe watch the city arsenal game.


Some mince pies and festive biscuits :slight_smile: