Sunday's thread is bonny and blithe

Morning. Not sure why I am awake. Might get up briefly and then go back to bed. How are you?

I’m at work :sob:

Morning tilts, richt

I’m awake, R’s asleep still after a knackering day yesterday, I can’t really get up until other people are awake to help out. Back to the couch today and grateful for it. Need to redo my improvised crutch grips because one of the layers of cushioning I used was bubble wrap and it has all popped now. That is probably as exciting as my day will get.

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Still feeling like crap but now at least with the start of flu and not the stomach bug. My mum is over for three hours later and I want to go and sleep somewhere (not possible in the flat when she’s here). Tempted to go to work and lie down on a sofa there but it takes me nearly an hour to get there and another hour back so little point.


Hey @tilty

I’m good thanks. No plans today other than to go up to the coast for a walk, tidy the house a bit, and make this delicious pork, chicken and Serrano ham canelon recipe from a Rick Stein book

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I got up and had some breakfast but nope. Back to bed for me.

At an extremely gay beer bust in Melbourne. Have befriended a lovely German couple and should probably leave to eat something.

Also I bought a faux leather cap for €2 which makes me feel like I’m in Frankie Goes to Hollywood


That’s a fantastic hat!

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Went to a pretty good (un)local (veggie) Indian in Melbourne

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Awake but a bit tired. So it might be up for breakfast and then back to bed.

No plans at all. Probably watch NFL later.

  • Cook something from Leon book
  • Go buy something to bung in the oven
  • Find something in freezer/cupboards
  • Just have beans on toasts

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Morning, Tilts and chums,

I don’t want to get out of bed, I’m cosy and tired.
Need to get up and start packing ASAP though.
Going to be away for 7 days (inc 2 days travelling on trains) How many books should I take with me?

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

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I feel so bad leaving Winnie again so soon :cry:

Ooh we have some crumpets and a potato skin for breakfast :blush:

Have a good day x

Went to a viewing point for the Annapurna Range for sunrise.

Was pretty pretty magical.


Feels like today has huge Monday energy for some reason. Not sure why.

Not sure of major.plans but some groceries are needed to be bought and a plan for hogmanay drawn up, I guess. We went to town and the lights on George Square yesterday and that was fun, and today looks like it might be a good windy day for a walk with the dog somewhere but plans so far have been to eat a bagel and cream cheese and have a coffee.

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Can always buy more in chazzas.

When are you in Glasgow?

We’re only in Glasgow for one night, then driving to Glenelg so there won’t be any opportunity for shopping.
I’m regretting not buying any thicker tights now. Gonna be cold in my 60 deniers. :grimacing:

Slept for ages and didn’t wake up in the early hours feeling anxious. Pretty good.

Going to do as close to nothing as possible today, which pleases me.


One week of solidly eating and drinking has hit right about now. Considering quiting the booze for a while in the new year :grimacing:

Morning tilty, morning everybody. I’m sitting at home with my folks, after a smoked haddock breakfast, before heading up to Liverpool for the football. Just learnt on Radio 4 that Gillian Reynolds, radio critic of The Sunday Times, is a Liverpool fan. Top lass.

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There was somewhere up north that it was 13 degrees at 3am,so if continues like that you might be OK.

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Keep seeing these signs in Australia

  • No
  • Yes

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