Sunday's thread is bonny and blithe


Just getting it together to go for a bit of a bike, then I’m going to do music

Also need to stock up on booze - think I’m down to the 'Ronas I got for the kids (they’re abbreviation but I can’t stop using it) that they didn’t finish. This won’t do

Just looking at skip hire and how to insulate a pitched roof. #rock&roll


Baby still being an absolute prick at night. She’d best work through this nonsense in the next week before I head back to work…

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Our baby is sleeping through now after her illness, but not really eating :frowning:

I think I’m in a burger bar that names its menu after characters from the Cosby show :grimacing:


Hope you’re planning on getting the @1101010 burger


The vegan place Smith & Daughter had t shirts with “in Moz we trust” on the back for staff when we went :grimacing:

There’s also a karaoke bar in town offering Lostprophets tunes


One of the cats appears to have pissed on the sofa last night, despite it being covered up after I went to bed. They must have buried underneath the tarp. This is a worrying development :grimacing:

Just spilled rice all over the place and bumped my head on a kitchen cupboard door. Strong showing so far.

I didnt wake up until 10!!! Think I have a food hangover. Not got any plans today :thinking: dunno what to do with myself. Might do nothing.

First though: coffeeeeeeeee.


Going to clean the downstairs windows in a minute, what could go wrong!

  • Take the second Outlander book because you’re going to The Highlands
  • Even though it’s a brick at 950+ pages?! Just give up on the idea of reading the series and start watching the TV series adaptation instead

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Really want to do a Star War but also don’t really want to leave the house. Think I’d pay… £60 to be able to stream it to my telly.

Go and see it in the cinema, there’s nice flashing colours and loud noises.


ahm oot


Bf wants to go for a walk and to the pub for lunch but only so we can be back for the football :woman_shrugging:

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Morning all!

Pints with some ATDs last night and a night at my parents’ house meant I slept until 10.00.

We’re going out for a carvery in a bit.

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Just got up

10 years to the day since my dad died so it goes. Not sure how I’m gonna commemorate this fact

Why is it that the day after dancing all night I always have this overwhelming compulsion to completely clean & tidy the apartment ?


Was going to play some Xbox but became strangely transfixed by John Torode and Lisa Faulkner’s Christmas Kitchen. Their lack of on-screen chemistry is remarkable.

I always wonder how to commemorate too, not one for grave visits. I always think of Liverpool museum when I think of my dad so I sometimes go there if I really miss him. Must be tough being in a different country than you grew up in though in that respect. I think dancing all night is a pretty spectacular commemoration though :blush: