Sunday's Thread

Alright. What’s going on in your world today?

I’m off to see day 4 of the test match in Southampton, so up early for RAIL REPLACEMENT BUSSES. Baby woke up a few times in the night, so I’ve been up since 4.30. might catch up on some zzzzzzz during today’s play.


I’m up too early and my brain decided to be a complete bastard by giving me the nicest dream ever, before waking me up at half six and making me ruminate on how much stuff I regret.


Woke up at 5:30 for no good reason

About to admit defeat and get up. Got loads of odd jobs, cleaning and stuff to do

Just been woken up by the next door neighbour hooting like a gibbon.

Anglos team. Working today but got to go to the shop and back first to get some stuff my partner needs to make a cake, the trade off being that she makes a cake. Should get going really but nah.

Morning all, had a slight case of the over dramatics last night :roll_eyes: what an arse.

Going to go have a nosey around some randomers car boots and then generally try and chill out today and do nice things.


Massive case of general life dread. I want all the sleep.

Is your neighbour a gibbon, if so you’re being a bit intolerant imo


Tomorrow is the anniversary of my dad’s death so, you know, not feeling great (sorry to dump this in the daily thread). Heading down to my mam’s in a bit to spend tonight and tomorrow at her place, to keep her company.

Big love Weebs, we’re all here for you. X


Thanks pal.


I made no judgement.

Going to the market in the old town this morn to pick up lots of super tasty supplies. :grinning:
Before that though gonna walk up a bunch of steps.
Old firm later

Hope you have located a suitable irish bar.


Mulligans :grinning:

My view for the day


Going to DFS then B&Q later. Fucking hell.


Thoughts and prayers. Godspeed.


C’mon Tim


Reluctantly dragged myself to work after 3 weeks off. They’ve got an open day on this afternoon. Oh joy! Quite why anyone wants to nose around a supermarket distribution centre I don’t know, but here we are. Might have a go on the bouncy castle though…

That bank of cloud in the distance looks a bit ominous like