Sunday's Thread

So which supermarket do you work for :wink:

a chilling vision of a post brexit future


Apocalyptically hungover in a travelodge. Help?

Today I will be finalising some stuff for my big trip this week in between watching the old firm and the Gaelic football final. Have a date later too


Dunno, going to go stick my bum on the same sofa @83746725 has (I think) to see if it suits my cheeks.

It’s fine. Some John Lewis ones were more comfortable but probably twice as expensive, and not twice as comfortable.

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I’m watching Moana.

The Child is more interested in the hat she hated wearing over the summer.

I like nosing round supermarket distribution centres but then i do work for one of your competitors

Here’s mine…


Take it to the Supermarket Wankers thread.

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Not a supermarket, Keith. Now who’s the wanker? Eh?


Thanks Kerms, really appreciate it.

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My mistake - I must have missed the Independent Food Retail Wanker thread.



Is the deal “if we offer one day of free bouncy castle for the kids then our HGVs can wake you up at 4am for the other 364 days”?

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Had an all day drinking session yesterday in my friends parents extremely posh house somewhere in Surrey. This was about 5% of the grounds FFS

Was planning on a cinema day today but it’s pretty nice out.


WOOOOO! Good luck boss!


Spent the last few hours listening to a Harry Potter audiobook. GF woke up this morning, put it on and fell asleep again. Weird way to start Sunday morning but enjoyable.

Going to have breakfast, then both of us will go to our studios/practice spaces in town. She has an exhibition to work on and I’ve to work on some music, along with fixing some leads. A wholesome Sunday.

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Morning morning, last day of the holidays so up late and had pancakes and pain au chocolate for breakfast.

Watching parks and rec on the telly and drinking tea, seems like a productive way to spend a Sunday.

@keith love Moana!

@witches happy car booting!!

@weeber xxx