Sundayy Thread

Alright? Off to work in a bit but it’s a short day fortunately. Mother’s Day dinner later then an early night, utterly worn out at the moment. Hbu?

Happy birthday to all the mums out there. Great bunch of lads! :sunflower: :wine_glass:


Social distancing means I cant visit my mum but I did send a message about how much I love her, interspaced with social distancing advice


Morning DiSers

Am still in bed drinking tea. Day 6 of self-isolating and planning to make some banana bread and possibly finish knitting a jumper.

I sent my 82 year old mum some flowers and I will ring her and let her talk to me for as long as she wants and let her know that I’m sorry I can’t see her. I ring her ever day but normally try and keep it down to about 20 minutes.


Morning DiS, the boy was up before 6am AGAIN! Curse these early morning. Only a week until the clocks change.

No plans for today, so no doubt it’s going to draaaaag.

Morning folks, got some wine and chocolate. Kids already eating them…🤷

Happy Mother’s Day to all the gbom on here and lots of love to those for whom today is difficult.

Cooking Indian food and lounging today.


Really grateful that I live at home with my mum today. Just taken the cards and present downstairs while she’s still in bed. Probably gonna get a local Indian later.

Also one of my atd’s birthdays, we’re gonna play Pictionary over Skype and then I’ll try a dj set so we can have a lil rave :partying_face: If it goes well I might make it a regular thing that anyone can join


I have been cursing The Child for her new pre-6.30 wake up times but had not really considered the cause.

I’m not quite as worried about the summer now.

What a beautiful photo


Gonna phone me mam in half an hour. The plan was for me to see her next week so I hadn’t got a present yet but obvs that isn’t gonna happen now. Been looking for a celeb message to send her. Couldn’t find a good one but did find @CillaCrack’a band mate

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Morning all!

Sent cards to my mam and Wor Lass’s mother on Friday which were delayed in the post (totally understandably) so will do calls later. Both live in different cities so visits would be a challenge normally.

The Child was up for an hour at four with me but I’m trying to let Wor Lass sleep. We were going to have black pudding and scrambled eggs for breakfast but she’s struggling with fatty food and big portions so may revise this.

Morning DiS, going to stay in bed as long as I can this morning. Will ring my Mam later, who is doing her nut about not being able to see anyone. I’ll also call my Nan because I miss her loads and haven’t seen her in a few weeks.



Its my birthday. This is the first time I can remember sharing it with mother’s day. Not a huge fan, but that might be more cos of other stuff going on


Morning all.

Keep waking up far too early. I sleep till 10:30 on weekends, not 8am!

Look after yourselves, and do your best for the mums in your lives without putting them at undue risks today x

I feel bleak m8s. Woke up and had a little cry now I’m trying to keep it together with the kid while wife has a lie in.

We’ve decided to cut off the grandparents for a while, they were due to have the kid tmrw but don’t think it’s sensible. Mum will be crushed.


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HB GT! :birthday:


Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy birthday!

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Sunlit horsey this morning


:hugs: so sorry mate. Might be for the best, but doesn’t make it easier x