Sundayy Thread

Happy birthday! Hope it’s a good day still

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:gift: H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y
:point_right: :point_right: @grievoustim :point_left: :point_left:
:beers: :biking_man: :heart: :cake: :heart: :biking_man: :beers: :star_struck:


The kids are itching to wake Mrs W up with their cards and gift. I’m trying to keep them at bay for just a little bit longer.

Worried about my mam’s mental health today. My brother and I normally see her every week. She’s by herself and I’m concerned that today is going to be a struggle.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.



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Happy birthday mate :cake: :birthday:

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Bored already, of course.

Thought was my ps4 was broken but then it came back on. Close call there. Have a ps3 but who can cope with 720p!?

Regards to all your mothers. x


$38, don’t throw your money away mate

happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:


Happy birthday! :tada::tada::tada:

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HB,GT :birthday::balloon::cake:


Mothering Sunday Salutations DiS mums, anglos a all

Feeling bleak. Forgot to ask for mother’s day cake and could really use something like that. Mum cried when I gave her her present (little felt plant I made) and it was so sad.

Migraine threatening to come back too. Irgh.


Morning all!

Yesterday was my stepdad’s birthday which I’d totally forgotten about. I’m living with my folks at the moment and didn’t want him to be without presents so I braved Asda and got him some beers, a cigar, some scratch cards (he won a fiver) and some sweet things. We ended up going for a walk with the dogs around Shoreham-by-Sea, admiring all the wonderful house boats, and then home for a curry.

I’ve OD’d on streaming service subscriptions, watched High Life on Mubi which I enjoyed, though not sure I was in the right head space for. Any suggestions for films on BFI Player or Mubi, or any decent series on Netflix and/or Now TV?

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I was planning on watching this tonight :+1:

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Just spent a while spacing out and marking safe distance queuing marks, let’s see how long it is before they’re completely ignored. Less than 8 minutes is my guess.

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Going to fashion a compost bin/heap with some stick walls. All the soil here is crap and full of glass and bricks but have some courgette seeds on their way so I’ll have a bash at growing them.

Happy mothers day @anon89873996


Good morning everyone! Feeling really proud of myself as I successfully unblocked my toilet myself :grin::grin::grin::grin:.

Gonna send my mum a video later wishing her a happy mother’s day, and then might make a cake?

It’s a gorgeous day out there xx


This may be on my list now, as well, since hearing about the 1 quid for 3 months thing :smiley:

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