Sundayyy mornin

I hope that you have a marvellous time

(Do cinrmas have showings in the morning?!)

That sounds like a great day!

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Already watching Up (AKA Balloon Pop). Probably won’t be the only time today either.

Off out to do something at some point but I don’t know what or where. Depends on the rain.

Taking a walk to the gym. I look half dead so hopefully no-one sees me

Morning troops

Watched that movie yesterday evening. Was good.

Today - groceries. I got to bed last night at 2.30am and was woken at 5.15am so I’m fucked. Why do I keep doing this to myself.

Yes! Bed tea crew :raised_hands::raised_hands:

My legs are done in after a massive ramble around London yesterday. Was fun and we managed to eat at Wahaca and Wagamama. Excellent

Also, “Balloon Pop” :rofl:

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Morning all,

No showings of The End Of The Marvels in my town we’re getting a train to a lovely seaside town with its own independent cinema to watch it this afternoon. Between walking to the station, the train ride itself and the fact that the film appears to be three hours long, this is pretty much the whole day accounted for.

Just remembered that I had a dream where I wrote like a 1000 word essay on the emotional differences between the Carole King and Shirelles versions of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. Can’t remember a word of it now but it was fucking brilliant.


I’d quite like to read that, tbh.

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Apparently my wife doesn’t want to have to get up, so to help us, she wants a video camera in the bedroom. :upside_down_face:

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spicing things up, nice

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I got Up!

Do we even have a tomato?

Alright, past tense James Brown.

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Anglos the lads! Got a life admin Sunday where I’ll definitely strip loads of wallpaper and definitely won’t be distracted by the football. Definitely.

Following on from that Kubrick double bill last night, his best film, Barry Lyndon, is on BBC4 tonight :+1:

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Good Athletico Mince nickname


Did you read that blog about how much of Rocky IV was montages (about a third)?

The ones from last night are on iPlayer. Paths of Glory only for a week though.

Enjoying Sunday snuggles.
Gonna cook a roast and make something for lunches.
I have a hot, boozey face.
Got anxietyyyyyyyy.

Omg I just got a message from my new friend Beth, the bassist from The Menstrual Cramps :heart_eyes: brb